Chapter 1 - Stage 2

Nov 19th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Opening
  3. Constantia: Thank you Johanna-san. From here onward we will encounter enemies.
  4. Johanna: I wont let you down.
  5. Griffon: Alright, we cant run forever.
  6. Time to beat some iron-bugs!
  8. Ending
  10. Constantia: Thank you for the help Johanna-san...
  11. We were able to escape safely.
  12. Also we secured master safety.
  13. Johanna: Is the duty of a Knight helping the ones in need.
  14. Finally, I can give a formal greeting to my Lord.
  15. A knight that comes from the southeast and beyond the sea.
  16. Queen of all priest and prophets, guardian of believers,
  17. The Priest Queen, Johanna.
  18. I bow to you My Lord
  20. <<2 Options>>
  21. Thank you for the greetings(X)
  22. Your wording has changed
  24. Johanna: Im glad you survived.
  25. There is an urgent message I need to give.
  26. Therefore, forgive me I cant express my joy in poetry.
  27. Constantia: Maybe is it information about the base?
  28. What happened there?
  29. Johanna: Intelligent as always, as expected of you Constantia.
  30. I can see why Duchess Labiatta entrusted you with this task.
  31. Constantia: Johanna we couldnt get a response from the base.
  32. We dont know why.
  33. Johanna: I think I have rough idea whats currently happening.
  34. The base is currently under attack, so we were forced to withdraw.
  35. Constantia: A withdrawal?!
  36. Johanna: Duchess Labiatta was seriously injured during the battle.
  37. Moreover the number of enemies were very large.
  38. We came to the conclusion we couldnt endure that for much time.
  39. For the time being, we will disperse and reorganise the battle line later.
  40. Griffon: Dont worry! We have found a human!
  41. With him giving orders...
  42. Johanna: Griffon, I thought you would say so.
  43. Thats why Duchess Labiatta sent me.
  44. Constantia: Labiatta nee-san... is she okay?
  45. Johanna: Although her wound is serious, it can heal with enough time.
  46. Do not worry.
  47. Constantia: Is that so. Then my sister sent you Johanna-san.
  48. Was it to secure our master safety?
  49. Johanna: Yes, but returning to the base now is not necessary.
  50. I intend to guide you the basement in the lighthouse.
  51. Constantia: Does that mean the others are also at the lighthouse?
  52. Johanna: That plan cancelled, there was a risk of being followed by the iron-bugs.
  53. We decided to disperse and confuse the enemy.
  54. Constantia: Oh no...
  55. Johanna: Dont worry, Duchess Labiatta is a wise woman.
  56. We have to do the preparations to go "there".
  58. Where is "there"?
  60. Constantia: Oh, we were always too cautious about interception, and just got into our habit.
  61. Specifically, "there is...
  62. Johanna: Wait Constantia.
  63. I want to see how surprised is My Lord when he sees "there"
  64. We will be there soon. Why dont have a little fun Constantia?
  65. Griffon: Yeah, the human is always calm and boring.
  66. Dont you want to see his surprised face Constantia?
  67. I wouldnt mind explain it later.
  68. Constantia: Im in trouble... Master. What should I do?
  69. Can I explain it to you later?
  71. Yes, I dont mind.
  73. Constantia: Yes, that might a little more fun.
  74. Master lets go "there".
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