May 29th, 2024
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  1.   Do not apologize to the mob, you know, the online troll mob, cancel culture clowns, because one other thing you want to know about these people is they are, um, in a religion, whether you call it woke religion or you call it cancel culture or social justice warrior religion, and they're fundamentalists.
  3. They're fundamentalists. They're in a fundamentalist religion. And they're radicals. They're radicalized. They don't think for themselves. They all talk the same talk. They have all their kind of woke language, uh, virtuous language, uh, rescue the victim language. They come after good hearted people like you and me.
  5. But I know my father, my God, my, you know, father. In heaven, my creator has my back. And I know if you come back to your creator, the creator, the author and creator of the universe, heaven of earth. Of this body, this life, you come back to the Father through forgiveness and through, you know, loving what's right in your heart and living from what's right in your heart and fearing no man, fear no person.
  7. Do you not fear of anything? It should be abandoning your conscience. That's still a small voice of truth within yourself. That's the thing to fear. It's just the leaving of your, of God, of leaving your creator. That's the one fear I have. The one that would want to retaliate, or the one that would want to get resentful, or play God, and judge, jury, executioner, like all these cancel culture clowns do.
  9. It's just like, see what they are. They're the external enemy. There's an internal enemy. We have that voice of doubt in the head. That's an enemy. There's that voice that wants to be the victim or want to blame, want to tear it down. That's an enemy within each of us and we need to defy that liar and come back to the Father within you, the Father in heaven.
  11. And abandon this, I don't know, is it toxic feminism, toxic femininity? You know, guys, I'll say this, you know, most men, except the ones that are very feminized men, feminized males, probably the better way to say, you know, most men, you, you get into it with a man and, you know, you hit a something, a wall, some, you know, they're going to want to meet you.
  13. They're going to want to use physical force as one instinct, or they're going to want to fight straight on. Women have something. These toxic women, let me be clear, I'm talking about these toxic, the toxic feminism that's like imbued our culture that wants to tear down men, strong men, good men, this toxic femininity, a part of it is it gossips about you, it dresses itself up as a victim, it's got to tear down men, tear down the, you know, the patriarch, it's patriarchy, it's patriarchy. [ed- He's using his hands here to make air quotes]
  15. They don't even know what they're talking about. These are all just, again, fundamentalists, group think terms that these people have been indoctrinated, these women and some men, again, these feminized men who have lost their own sense of what it is to be, you know, the divine masculine, to be connected to the, the, the healthy masculine within themselves.
  17. And, uh, and if you're a woman, I invite you to come back to that healthy. You know, the healthy feminine within yourself. I invite you to come back to truth. Let's come back to truth. Come back to God, your creator, let go of whatever you need to let go of. But I tell you, holding on to resentment, holding on to bitterness, holding on to blame.
  19. It's just a sword you hold over your own head and it's the, the, it's the poison you drink daily that's poisoning you. So, look, I invite you to just come back to yourself and to the higher self, capital S self, that's created to, that's connected to your creator. And created by and from your creator, God.
  21. Alright you all, peace out. Stay free, stay well, stay blessed.
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