Subathon Stream

May 18th, 2019
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  1. Hey everyone, today is the Subathon where I will be streaming for a minimum of 6 hours. For every 5 subs, I'll increase the stream time by 1 hour until it reaches a maximum of 12 hours due to IRL curfew issues unfortunately. Stream will be starting at around 11 AM PDT / 2 PM EST and the goal is to reach Twitch's monthly payment of $100 for this month along with unlocking the last 2 more emote slots I can get as a Affiliate.
  3. I will mainly be playing Zelda Randos like OoT Rando, LttP Rando, MM Rando, and maybe Forbidden Memories 15-Card Mod Any% since that's what I feel like playing today. Although I know a couple people suggested me KH and said I might consider that, I honestly don't feel like running KH and not gonna force myself to do a run of it.
  5. I currently have 22 subs at the moment and the goal will be to reach 50 subs by the end of the stream hopefully. +1 hour to the stream will be once I reach 25 subs, then every 5 subs from there. Here are the sub goals for the stream:
  6. - 30: Zelda 1 Rando
  7. - 35: Link's Awakening 1st Playthrough
  8. - 40: Link's Awakening Rando
  9. - 45: Oracles 1st Playthrough
  10. - 50: Oracles Rando
  12. Donations are always helpful as well since I'm gonna try to go to SGDQ this year and currently at $560 / $800, so here are the donation goals that are currently left!:
  13. - $600: Elmo's Letter Adventure & Elmo's Number Jouney Back-to-Back
  14. - $700: Sonic 06 All Stories run (If my PS3 doesn't work, then Sonic Adventure 2 Battle All Stories run)
  15. - $800: Super Mario RPG Low Level Run
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