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  1. (4:30:12 PM) How can I help you Toni?
  2. (4:31:55 PM) Toni Delancor: Ra-Horakhty M'aat
  3. This guy joined you guys recently. He has 2 characters on auth and used to be a wormholer. Was that all he had when he applied to you guys?
  4. (4:32:12 PM) Toni Delancor: Also, he's already asking if he can swap to KarmaFleet because he says your pap requirement is too high due to family stuff.. lol
  5. (4:33:39 PM) yeah, I believe his characters were all registered with us via ESI
  6. (4:33:53 PM) Toni Delancor: Just the 2?
  7. (4:34:29 PM) yes, his main and seedinjector
  8. (4:34:39 PM) Toni Delancor: Ah okay.
  9. (4:34:51 PM) i'm surprised he didnt reach out to us about the RL stuff, we do grant people extensions if that happens
  10. (4:35:20 PM) Toni Delancor: Yeah, apparently his mother passed away, may want to contact him
  11. (4:36:27 PM) sorry to hear that, but it's even stranger that he's already met his quota for this month for participation, and if he wanted to take some time off for RL things, we'd let him do so
  12. (4:37:02 PM) oh well, hope he has fun in karmafleet
  13. (4:37:52 PM) Toni Delancor: well, I didn't say I was taking him :P
  14. (4:38:02 PM) Toni Delancor: He actually deleted the forum PM to me after I asked him a number of questions
  15. (4:38:17 PM) who knows, maybe he's just asking around
  16. (4:38:23 PM) Toni Delancor: could be
  17. (4:38:32 PM) people can do some strange things in eve when RL stuff happens
  18. (4:38:50 PM) i'll keep an eye on it, and if he drops corp in the next week, we'll know why
  19. (4:39:24 PM) Thanks for giving us the heads up
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