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Aug 14th, 2011
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  2. ,,
  3. `7MN. `7MF' *MM OO
  4. MMN. M MM 88
  5. M YMb M ,pW"Wq. ,pW"Wq. MM,dMMb. ,pP"Ybd ||
  6. M `MN. M 6W' `Wb 6W' `Wb MM `Mb 8I `" ||
  7. M `MM.M 8M M8 8M M8 MM M8 `YMMMa. `'
  8. M YMM YA. ,A9 YA. ,A9 MM. ,M9 L. I8 ,,
  9. .JML. YM `Ybmd9' `Ybmd9' P^YbmdP' M9mmmP' db
  10. -----------------------------------------------------
  12. :~$ Yes, you. Stop asking us how to hack, how to take down
  13. a web site, how to get revenge on someone you know online,
  14. this is _NOT_ what we are about. Don't ask us, just don't.
  16. You have a talented group of people sitting around, waiting
  17. to help you with staying Anonymous online, using IRC and a
  18. plethora of other things that don't involve breaking the law.
  20. Knowledge is power, none of us "got to where we are" over night.
  21. We don't need any more point-and-click revolutionaries, so
  22. if you're serious about learning more about the digital world
  23. you find yourself in, we will point in the right direction.
  25. Here are some resources for the Anon minded netizen.
  27. :: - TOR (The Onion Router)
  28. :: - Ubuntu Linux
  29. :: - Virtualbox
  30. :: - (no logs)
  31. :: - Xchat-WDK Win32 IRC
  33. If you don't understand a concept or how to use a program, you can
  34. ALWAYS look it up, give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach
  35. a man to fish, feed him for a life time. We would like you to
  36. learn how to fish, without being handed the answers.
  38. #EOF
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