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  3.  Very little is known about the First Cybertronian War. We know that it involved the enslavement, and subsequent rebellion, of the entire Cybertronian species. Their eventual victory ushered in the First Golden Age of Cybertron. Through a combination of colonisation and conquest, the Cybertron Republic's influence spread across the galaxy.
  5.  The Second Cybertronian War began on Gobotron, a comet that was cyberformed by mining Hadean's sixth planet, Galleon. Ariax, leader of the Malignus, attempted to overthrow the local Guardian Council. Although the Malignus lost, and by the end of the war were firmly subordinate to the Guardians, their conflict would first spread to the farthest reaches of the Republic.
  7.  The seeds for the Third Cybertronian, or Great War, were planted through many years of social stratification by an increasingly entitled upper class, who exploited everyone below them with the aid of a rigid and corrupt police system. The spark to the powder keg was provided when factions within the Senate, the corrupted government of Cybertron, arranged for an attack upon the leading Prime. By doing this, in a failed attempt to gain access to the Matrix of Leadership, which had been secreted away centuries before, they also gained an excuse to introduce the "Clampdown", a planet-wide security regime which let them crack down on anyone who opposed them.
  9.  During the Clampdown, the Autobots enforced the Senate's draconian rules. This caused frictions to rise even more, and politically-minded Cybertronians spoke out loudly against it, only to be silenced brutally. Some within the Senate itself - specifically Ratbat - exploited the extreme social unrest for personal gain. An energon miner, turned fugitive from justice, turned underground gladiator, named Megatron, rallied a force of gladiators, escaped convicts, and other bots dissatisfied with the current leadership, to rebellion based out of the city-state of Kaon.
  11.  The war has continued for over four million years, ravaging Cybertron's once splendid beauty. In 1809, the Ark, a Vanguard-class Starship under the command of Optimus Prime, came under attack by the Nemesis, a Worldburner-class Starship under the command of Megatron, while searching for resources. Crashing on an uncharted world called Earth, both vessels were lost with all hands... or so they thought.
  13.  Characters from this source are appable as SFCs.
  15.  Note: As an adapted source, the world and events of Transformers may not have transpired here. It has been modified to fit the world of United Heroes MUSH, not the other way around.
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  20. Alternate Mode: An alternate mode (commonly shortened to "alt mode") is a term used to describe a Cybertronian's non-bipedal form, whether it be vehicle, animal, or otherwise. Some Cybertronians don't have a humanoid form, so in those special cases, the alt mode is perceived to be the mode which is more geared towards utility or disguise, while their primary mode is the one geared more towards interaction with other Cybertronian. For example, Laserbeak and Ravage have animal forms as their primary mode, and the memory cards as their alternate mode. Cybertronians with more than two modes are usually considered to have multiple alt modes.
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  23. Claremont Commented:
  25.  Armour-Plating: Though the spark is the life of Cybertronians, they are still made up of circuits and processors that are vulnerable. Years of warfare have left those circuits and processors even more vulnerable. To protect them, armour-plating is placed over their structures to preserve their vital functions. Though armour-plating is not invulnerable and can succumb with enough weapons fire, the armour is still more resilient than most things in the Galaxy. It is typically formed from Sentio Metallico, the same living metal as the rest of a Cybertronians's body, but has been known to be reinforced with other metals for increased durability.
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  28. Claremont Commented:
  30.  Autobot Commonwealth: Millions of years ago, "Autobot" was a term used by other species to describe Cybertronians. It was derived from "automaton", describing how the species lived routine, monotonous lives, without any change. Orion Pax was the first Cybertronian to lay claim to the name for their own use, saying it could stand for "autonomous" instead.
  32.  Following the uprising of the Decepticon movement, the Autobots were fashioned into an army to fight them. However, increasingly ruthless methods and neglect of the civilian populace made them widely unpopular with neutrals. When Orion Pax became Optimus Prime, he convinced many neutral Cybertronians to join the Autobot army for the sake of defeating Megatron.
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  35. Claremont Commented:
  37.  Cold Construction: Cold Construction was an artificial method for creating Cybertronians. Fearful that the pulsewaves from Vector Sigma would eventually halt entirely, Cybertronian scientists tapped into the Matrix of Leadership to generate thousands of sparks per day, which were then housed in pre-constructed bodies. These sparks were produced at such a rapid rate that they had to be stockpiled until new bodies could be constructed. Their energies were frozen in photonic crystals, which would be placed inside the new bodies in order to thaw out, hence the term "constructed cold".
  39.  Although the method is no longer practiced, some cold construction spark storage facilities remain undiscovered. Matrix-derived sparks contain the same genetic instructions as forged ones, but were unable to reshape their pre-constructed bodies in accordance, leaving cold constructed Cybertronianss with different bodies from what their sparks intended. Recognising the potential for outcry against what they were doing, a cover story was put in place to explain the creation of these new Cybertronians: the public were told that they were created via spark-splicing, using the energy of a Forged spark to ignite a new one.
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  42. Claremont Commented:
  44.  Decepticon Empire: Cybertronian civilisation was once stratified by a functionist society that equated one's worth as an individual with the usefulness and uniqueness of one's alternate mode. Among the impoverished lower classes was a young, idealist miner named Megatron, who sought to peacefully end functionism as an institution. His treatise gathered momentum among Cybertron's working class, but the Decepticon movement didn't come about until later, when an embittered and disillusioned Megatron began circulating more radical and violent samizdat writings. Indeed, the name Decepticon was taken from one of Megatron's favourite rallying cries: "You are being deceived".
  46.  The Decepticons soon began spreading across the planet, recruiting new people and carrying out terrorist strikes in advance of their main assaults. Eventually they overthrew the Senate, but by then it was clear they were going to install a brutal dictatorship of their own. The Autobots of Optimus Prime rose up against them and Third Cybertronian War, or Great War began.
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  49. Claremont Commented:
  51.  Energon: Unlike species that need air, water, food, and shelter to live, a Cybertronian's only major need is fuel. Energon is the most common and preferred form of fuel, but other alternatives may be substituted if it is unavailable. Most energy sources can be converted into energon, but it is a labour intensive and time consuming process.
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  54. Claremont Commented:
  56.  Flight: Bipedal mode flight is the result of innovation by the Decepticon Science Division. The process of creating levitation components remains a closely guarded secret, and cannot be replicated through standard medical practices. The component, once installed, enables Cybertronians without a flight-based alternate mode to fly. They can manoeuvre effortlessly, even within a gravitational field. A few Autobots have it; most require external equipment to fly, such a strap-on jet pack; but a few have received salvaged levitation components from fallen Decepticons.
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  59. Claremont Commented:
  61.  Forging: Forging is the natural way Cybertronians are created. An energy pulse from Vector Sigma flashes across Cybertron or one of its moons, igniting a hot spot where new sparks emerge. When Sentio Metallico is added via a process known as "the nurturing", it coalesces around the spark to become a protoform. Beginning as a simple geometric shape, the protoform develops into a mature Cybertronian through a process known as "deep-coding".
  63.  By following instructions hard-coded within the spark, it develops basic limbs and facial features, eventually manifesting internal components, such as a vocal synth; and external ones, such as wings, which will give definition to their eventual alternate mode. Cybertronians grow extremely fast, from the first "first flash", a spark takes a mere two weeks to develop into a full-fledged Cybertronian. The protoform-to-Cybertronian phase takes between two and five days.
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  66. Claremont Commented:
  68.  Gender: Despite being artificial life forms with non-sexual methods of production, Cybertronians include both male and female gender analogues, at least mentally, if not physically. The term "femme" is used to describe females, with "mech" likewise being applied to male Cybertronians. Femmes are comparatively more graceful of form, more rounded, and curved in general, than their mech counterparts. Often they have a more than passing resemblance to a slender human female made of metal and wearing armour. There are exceptions to this rule. Some femmes are bulky and less overtly human-female-like. Mechs outnumber femmes by twelve to one. Some believe this is because twelve of the Thirteen original Cybertronians were said to be mechs, and the other one a femme.
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  71. Claremont Commented:
  73.  Holomatter Avatar: Holomatter Avatars are projected facsimiles of alien species that are too small or fleshy for Cybertronians to mimic with their mechanical alternate modes. Avatars aren't just a friendly image to fool sentient beings; they're the Cybertronian equivalent of a remotely operated vehicle, allowing them to go places and perform actions that would otherwise be prevented by their size and the need to camouflage their true identities. Having an Avatar in a location is like the Cybertronian being there. An Avatar can function up to 100 metres away from the controlling Cybertronian, even when separated by solid walls.
  75.  The Avatar is created and maintained by "holomatter generators". They can cause the Avatar to blink into sudden existence with no warning. Holomatter Avatars can be intangible, or as solid as a real object. Holomatter Avatars carry a strong connection to the consciousness of its generating Cybertronian. Damage to the Avatar can cause severe impairment to the controlling Cybertronian if their consciousness is not withdrawn in time. Holomatter disguises are also limited by their operator's understanding of the lifeform they mimic.
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  78. Claremont Commented:
  80.  Hot Spots: A hot spot is a location in which sparks are naturally known to ignite. Known hot spots have been recorded on Cybertron and its moons, though the vast majority have gone dormant over time. Currently, there are twelve active Hot Spots, though some are more active than others.
  82.    Altihex, Torus Heights      Eugenisis
  83.    Harmonex, Mitteous Plateau  Automica
  84.    Iacon, Iacon Plateau        Port Residua
  85.                                Rivets Field
  86.                                Vespertine Blue
  87.    Ky-Alexia, Koriolis Desert  Mesmerica
  88.    Nova Cronum, Retoris        Nova Point
  89.    Peptex, Vinvissius Heights  Pious Pools
  90.    Perihex, Tyger Pax          Vauvaire
  91.    Upper Petrohex, Tri-Torus   Warrior's Gate
  92.    Ultrix, Koriolis Desert     Alyon
  93.    Unitrex, Torus Heights      Sansw Sanserre
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  96. Claremont Commented:
  98.  Interaction: The Great War has resulted in the factions adopting radically different official views of how to interact with other species, though individual views may vary. The Autobots, in the words of Optimus Prime, generally believe that "freedom is the right of all sentient beings", whereas the Decepticons tend to view other species, particularly organic life forms, as little more than slave labour, or target practice.
  100.  When arriving on a planet, the Autobots may attempt to contact the native species and warn them of the Decepticon threat, but usually they will remain hidden in an effort to better protect those life forms. The Decepticons often make overt attacks on the native species, but there are occasions when stealth has been a priority. Because of the Great War, Cybertronians are banned from travelling to most space faring worlds in the galaxy. Nobody wants the Great War to come to their planet.
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  103. Claremont Commented:
  105.  Living Metal: The "primordial soup" from which the living metal of the planet Cybertron was formed in ancient times is known as Sentio Metallico. The complex inner workings of a Cybertronian's living metal body could be described as "biology" rather than "technology", as vital components like a transformation cog, or "t-cog", cannot be built through standard medical practices. The skills and materials required to manufacture these components are so specialised that they are virtually non-existent thanks to the Great War and Cybertron's ongoing supply shortages.
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  108. Claremont Commented:
  110.  Mass-Displacement: Many Cybertronians employ a mass-displacement sequence, physically discarding or absorbing a portion of their structural mass to allow them to shrink or grow to an appropriate mass and density during transformation. This change of mass is shunted to or from an undisclosed location in space and time.
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  113. Claremont Commented:
  115.  Origin: The precise origin of the Cybertronian species has been lost to the mists of time. Primus features heavily in some accounts, while the Quintessons at least occupied Cybertron for a time. Exceptionally cruel, the Quintessons treated the Cybertronians as a slave race, using and marketing them to other worlds as domestic servants, labourers, and military forces. Whatever the origin, Cybertronians identify as male or female to closely echo organic life.
  117.  Eventually, they waged a planet-wide rebellion, forcing the Quintessons to flee the planet, who have harboured an undying hatred of all Cybertronians ever since. The resulting Cybertronian Republic expanded to other worlds through a combination of colonisation and conquest, until a series of civil wars sent it into a protracted period of decline, culminating in the Third Cybertronian War, or Great War.
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  120. Claremont Commented:
  122.  Outliers: Certain Cybertronian's possess unique abilities that have no apparent connection to their alternate modes. Loosely speaking, these are special technologies or weapons that are incorporated into the Cybertronian's structure instead of being a separate device. A particular ability tends to be unique for one Cybertronian, though there are cases of overlapping, for example, the ability of Windcharger to form a magnetic field, whereas Tailgate has a ferro-cobalt magnet under his hood that he uses to be towed by other vehicles. Some examples of these abilities include Cliffjumper's glass gas, Skywarp's teleportation, and Trailbreaker's force field.
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  125. Claremont Commented:
  127.  Programming: Primary programming is a stage of Cybertronian development that is akin to elementary or "primary" school for organic species. Upon learning the basics of functioning in society, most Cybertronians are considered ready to take up their function, though they may still be quite young and immature. Some Cybertronians receive secondary programming at an academy or university, such as:
  129.    Carpessa, Manganese Mountains  Academy of Cybertronian Law Enforcement
  130.    Crystal, Cobalt Plains         Crystal Science Institute
  131.    Dodecahex, Tri-Torus           Decepticon Military Academy
  132.    Glibax, Iacon Plateau          Thunderclash School of Heroic Arts
  133.    Gygax, Iacon Plateau           Autobot Military Academy
  134.    Helex, Toraxxis Plains         Decepticon Military College
  135.    Iacon, Iacon Plateau           Academy of Science and Technology
  136.                                   Autobot Academy
  137.                                   Iaconian Aerial Academy
  138.    Ibex, Mitteous Plateau         Ibex School of Epistemology
  139.    Kaon, The Badlands             Kaon Police Academy
  140.    Monoplex, Tyger Pax            Drouhard University
  141.    Nova Cronum, Retoris           Nova Point Academy
  142.    Nuon, Toraxxis Plains          Cybertronian Military Academy
  143.    Polyhex, Tri-Torus             Polyhex Academy
  144.                                   Polyhex University
  145.    Praxium, Cuprahex Mountains    Cybertronian War Academy
  146.    Praxus, Tyger Pax              The Assembly
  147.    Protihex, Toraxxis Plains      Protihex Medical Mechanics University
  148.    Rodion, Cobalt Plains          Institute for Higher Programming
  149.                                   Rodion Police Academy
  150.    Sistex, Vinvissius Heights     Sistex University
  151.    Tesarus, Koriolis Desert       Jhiaxian Academy of Advanced Technology
  152.    Tyrest, Tagan Heights          Tyrest University
  153.    Ultirex, Torus Heights         Omnihelix Academy
  154.                                   Ultirex University
  155.    Valvolux, Tyger Pax            Cyber-Ninja Dojo
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  158. Claremont Commented:
  160.  Reformatting: It is not uncommon for a Cybertronian to change a structure many times across their life-span. The ease with which they can do so depends on the available technology level. Changing structures requires an extensive full-body rebuild, is resource-draining, and even dangerous. Getting a new structure sometimes involves getting a new name. Reformatting is a more extensive version of scanning.
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  163. Claremont Commented:
  165.  Scanning: Scanning is the method by which Cybertronians can change their alternate modes to resemble things native to whatever planet they happen to be on. The "new" alternate mode scanned must be roughly similar in size, form, and function, to their existing mode. It can be difficult to find a compatible alternate mode. After scanning, the general colour scheme remains the same. Changing ones colour scheme requires specialised paint and a skilled medic.
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  168. Claremont Commented:
  170.  Spark: A spark is the life force of a Cybertronian. The spark is a physical entity, which is safeguarded inside a Cybertronian's structure. If something harms the spark beyond repair, it is "extinguished" and the Cybertronian is considered dead. A Cybertronian is able to survive an enormous amount of physical damage. As long as the spark is somehow intact, it is possible to repair or rebuild the structure and restore the spark to it.
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  173. Claremont Commented:
  175.  Stasis Lock: Stasis Lock is a critical state of being for Cybertronians. Stasis Lock is a sort of coma that allows a Cybertronian to stay alive, running at the lowest level of power despite massive energy loss, or traumatic damage. It is most comparable to the hibernation mode of a computer, although like sleep mode, it does use some small amount of energy.
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  178. Claremont Commented:
  180.  Structure: A structure is the term used to define the body of a Cybertronian. Without a spark, the structure is a lifeless shell. The superstructure is the outer portion of the structure, generally containing components for the Cybertronian's alternate mode, and is often changed during reformatting in accordance with disguise protocols. The substructure contains a Cybertronian's inner workings, and usually includes any special equipment or weapon systems.
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  183. Claremont Commented:
  185.  Transformation: Transformation is the process by which a Cybertronian alters his or her form between modes. The term "transformation scheme" refers specifically to the way in which the parts of an individual Cybertronian move and shift in relation to each other during transformation. These should not be confused with reformatting, a type of full-body upgrade. Cybertronians were, at the time of their genesis, simply mechanical life-forms, and became "Transformers" through innovation. Transformation is not possible without a working transformation cog or "t-cog" for short.
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  188. Claremont Commented:
  190.  Vector Sigma: The life-giving super computer Vector Sigma is both ancient and incredibly powerful. It has the ability to infuse inanimate Cybertronian bodies, or structures, with life, by creating sparks, although it has not done that directly in eons. Its location has largely been lost to the annals of history. But that is not the only way it can create life. For as long as anyone can remember, it has periodically emitted pulsewaves that ignite new sparks at hot spots across Cybertron, though these waves have grown less and less frequent. It may eventually cease all together.
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  193. Claremont Commented:
  195.  Vocal Synth: A vocal synthesiser, or "vocal synth" for short, is a component that allows Cybertronians to comprehend and speak other languages. Without the aid of a vocal synth, a Cybertronian can usually only communicate via their native language, Neocybex. Some understand old Cybex, or even ancient Protocybex, but most Cybertronians can only speak Neocybex. Regional dialects exist, giving it a multitude of accents.
  197.  Basic spoken fluency of an extracybestrial language can usually be attained within 480 hours of exposure. Difficult languages might take 720 hours of exposure, or more. Most Cybertronians learn new languages while disguised. A bilingual dictionary, spoken verbally, or with pronunciation data, will greatly increase their ability to learn new languages. Vocal synths cannot be created through standard medical practices.
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  200. Bob the Builder Commented:
  202.  Conjunx Endurae: A Sparkmate, or Conjunx Endura, is a Cybertronian's significant other, an individual that the feel deep affection for. In human terms, Conjunx Endurae are the equivalent of spouses; for example, when the life of a Cybertronian is threatened to the point of unconsciousness, if they have one, it falls upon their Conjunx Endura to make medical decisions on their behalf. Few Cybertronians have more than one Conjunx Endura in their lifespan, and many never have one. Traditionally, Cybertronians choose prospective partners through the ritual known as the Conjunx Ritus: four acts of affection and mutual kindness, which cement the bond between the two individuals. A bonded pair may be referred to as Junxies as an affectionate nickname. Some Cybertronians think close relationships like these are embarrassing. Bluntly asking a stranger about their Conjunx is considered a bit gauche.
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  205. Claremont Commented:
  207.  Religion:
  208.  While radicalisation is so rare among Cybertronians as to be non-existent, a wide variety of religious beliefs can be found amongst its populace. The most common of these is the pantheon known as the Guiding Hand, which holds that there are five aspects of the warrior god Primus, a being conceieved in reaction to his equal and opposite, Unicron. They are said to have created Vector Sigma, the Matrix of Leadership, and transformation cogs. Belief in this religion is known as Primalism, and Primalists sometimes wear a "tattoo" of the Matrix on one cheek as a symbol of their faith.
  210.  Many other sects and religious organisations also exist. The Militant Monoform Movement is a group, which specifically rejects the Guiding Hand's god of transformation, Adaptus, through the removal of their transformation cogs. Neoprimalism is a form of organised religion, which seemingly emphasises belief in miracles and the existence of unholy evil beings.
  212.  Others champion a reinterpretation of the Primal Prophecies, which view Primus as an abstract idea found in the beauty of the natural world. There are also practicing Spectralists, which places importance on colour, as Cybertron has had many lanterns from across the emotional spectrum over the years.
  214.  The existence of the Knights of Cybertron, said to be the first Thirteen Cybertronians and disciples of the Guiding Hand, is considered by some to be a religious belief, but the existence of the original Crystal City on Cybertron, and the testimony of the ancient Guardian Omega Supreme, suggests that they did truly exist.
  216.  Another interpretation is that the Knights of Cybertron preceeded the Thirteen Tribes of Cybertron, who came to power after the Knights have left the planet, with each of the Thirteen Tribes headed by its own Prime. Some see these Primes as simply warlords and leaders, but others see them as literal living gods and worship them as such. Cybertronians from the colony world of Caminus in particular follow the Way of Flame, a religion that places Solus Prime in particular at the top of the Thirteen.
  218.  Atheistic Cybertronians are referred to as "evolutionary engineerists" after the scientifically-grounded theory of atechnogenesis.
  220.  Through a series of efforts on a multitude of fronts, the Quintessons have managed to successfully scrub most references to themselves from the Cybertronian zeitgeist, being remembered only as "devils" or invaders from "beyond the sky". Few Cybertronians suspect, let alone remember, their involvement. They have become the Cybertronian equivalent of the bogeyman.
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  223. Claremont Commented:
  225.  Government: Cybertron is a planet comprised of 16 provinces, 64 city-states, is orbited by two moons, each considered a city-state of its own, and directly governs one dwarf planet, which itself is comprised of five city-states. There are dozens of planets beyond the Hadean system where Cybertronians hold influence, but these worlds are no longer governed directly from Cybertron, instead operating as de facto independent worlds.
  227.  Before the Third Cybertronian War, or Great War, the Cybertron Republic was ruled by the Senate and the Prime. But in war, compromises must be made. Both the current Decepticon Empire and Autobot Commonwealths, who divvy up the planet between themselves, are effectively military dictatorships. The Decepticons are just more open about it.
  229.  When the war finally ends, and should the Autobots prevail, they intend to restore the previous government, though how they will address the rampant corruption that plagued the previous iteration is still unknown. Frankly, they have more pressing matters to contend with.
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