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  1. Name: Ambition
  2. Age: 4'767
  3. Birthday: June 12
  4. Gender: Female
  5. Sexuality: Straight
  6. Race: White
  7. Species: A God of some kind
  8. Occupation: None
  10. Appearance: Ambition wears a detective like coat, and of course the normal stuff under there, pants, a shirt and that's all.
  11. Height: 5'3
  12. Hair Colour: A Bright Gray
  13. Eye Colour: Turqoise, but a kind of dark turqoise
  14. Cup Size: G
  16. Personality: She's calm, but tries to be a jokester sometimes and is very neutral
  18. Powers: She can transform into a monster resembling a dragon with a bird like head, having small crystals floating around it and having an area with a large crystal in its chest, it also has white parts and a white part on its head, resembling a skull, it can fly and swim just fine and talks in a voice which is rather deep, and full of wisdom.
  19. Weapons: Nothing, her monster form usually
  21. Description: In RP
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