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lWoD: The Lewd Hunt Part 2

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Jan 25th, 2014
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  1. The Lewd Hunt: Becky “Haunch” Hollande
  2. (HumanXWerewolf, nWoD, Impregnation, Orgasm Denial)
  4. “This is where I get off,” Becky shouted from the passenger seat.
  6. She had to yell to be heard over the old engine of the pickup, which rumbled so loud that the country trail around them seemed to be consumed in an earthquake. They were far enough away from anything that they could look off in any direction and point out the next landmark as a speck on the horizon. That had to be Chicago out East.
  8. They slowed on the old dirt road.
  10. “What is Haunch getting up to?” asked one of the scruffy men piled in the back.
  12. “That’s none of your fucking business, Mikey,” She said as the truck came to a stop and she wrestled with the rusty handle.
  14. One of the boys, Han, leaned out the back, a sinister smile on his face, “I bet you’re off to see that beau of yours, ain’tcha?”
  16. Becky flipped him off as she slammed the door.
  18. “Don’t think we can’t tell,” Han said, “Don’t worry Haunch, we ain’t jealous.”
  20. “Keep an eye out for Rick Derricks,” Said the driver.
  22. “Oh yeah,” Becky replied, “He won’t get off that easy.”
  24. The men all called out with a hoot, then the wheels of the truck dug into the dirt before speeding off into the distance.
  26. Becky pulled a loosey from out of her pocket and lit it there on the roadside, taking in a deep breath, and letting it out into the cold. She hugged her jacket close, then turned and started up a faint path through the grass.
  28. There was a shack up ahead, alone besides a faded tractor. A single padlock held the building closed, though it looked old enough that a good blow might have been enough to knock the whole thing over. She walked up, holding the cigarette between her lips as she produced a small silver key, and opened the shack to the elements just long enough to squeeze inside.
  30. There was a sniffling noise in the darkness before an overhead light was clicked on.
  32. Inside, covered in dirt and seated with his arms handcuffed above his head, was a blonde haired man. He looked beaten, with superficial cuts across his exposed chest. The light made him turn away in pain.
  34. “Hey there Ricky,” Becky said as she took another drag of her cigarette. She moved closer to examine a bruise on his face, it wasn’t bad.
  36. “You bitch,” He spat, literally.
  38. She wiped away the drip from her face and smiled, pushing out hot smoke from her nostrils.
  40. “Not far from the truth, right?” She said, “Don’t be mad though, you got yourself in this situation fair and square.”
  42. She gripped his wrists above his head with one hand, shaking it back and forth enough to rattle him in place. Watching as his eyes spread in the first waves of panic. He couldn’t figure out why he was here, or why he was even alive.
  44. “You and your buddies thought they were real clever,” She said, “Sneaking around, hurting my friends. You know, I could have killed you where I found you, nobody would have mourned you Ricky.”
  46. He puffed out his chest, “The name is Rick, you freak. Remember it, because i’ll be the last thing you see before god’s justice is laid down on you.”
  48. Becky stood and laughed, covering her mouth as she fell against the wall by the door.
  50. “That’s what I like about you Ricky,” She said as she took another puff, “You’ve got strength. I mean, not just in those rippling pecs, but real determination. Ain’t all that common among lu’u like you. I always know you won’t let me down, you never give up. I need that kind of strength right about now, Ricky.”
  52. Rick looked up at his bindings, then back through the low light to the mountain woman in front of him.
  54. “What do you mean?” He asked.
  56. A smile spread across her face, and she walked over and started to struggle with his handcuffs.
  58. “Did you know I’m not allowed to breed with my own kind?” Becky said, “Is like incest, worse really. So sometimes we have to look, elsewhere.”
  60. The handcuffs were free, and Rick Derricks stood up as fast as he could manage, keeping himself in the far corner from her. He held his bruised wrists, and didn’t take his eyes off Becky.
  62. “You may not know it, but I’m big news around here,” Becky continued, “The head honcho even. Means I can’t just fuck anybody, gotta be picky.”
  64. She winked at him, and Rick shook his head no.
  66. “You wouldn’t dare,” He said, “You can’t.”
  68. “I’m not a monster,” She said, “We’re both hunters, I’ll at least give you a sporting chance. You’ve got until I finish this cigarette.”
  70. She motioned to the door, and Rick stood tall and still.
  72. “Run,” She shouted.
  74. He bolted for the door, opening it and bolting off into the high grass field that surrounded the shack.
  76. Becky took another long drag of her cigarette, and shivered, “This is my favorite part.”
  78. The grass felt like razor blades as Rick tried to push through as fast as he could. He didn’t know exactly where he was, and it was getting dark out. All he could do was run as fast as he could, and try to make use of his lead.
  80. He didn’t know the extent of their powers, and he definitely didn’t know what they did to their partners after mating. It wasn’t like she wasn’t attractive, but he knew what she could become.
  82. The sky was a misty purple when he heard it, the howl of a wolf. It echoed through the countryside, and despite Rick running straight, his head bobbed back and forth to try to figure out the direction it came from.
  84. There wasn’t much time now.
  86. The grass was full of steps, too many for two people. Heavy breathing and rustling grass.
  88. She came out of nowhere. The grass split with a growl, and she pounced. Their bodies hit the ground together, and Rick cried out in pain.
  90. Her face was feral now, her long brown hair extending, her eyes sharp as a hunter’s. Her fingers ended in sharp nails that dug into him.
  92. Rick reached around and found a sharp stone, then struck her across the face. She whelped and fell, and he stood fast enough to run off.
  94. “You can’t get away Ricky,” She screamed after him, “You’ll be mine.”
  96. He rushed through the blades, clutching the rock as his last chance at life. Was this life and death? He wasn’t sure.
  98. He could hear her running, but he couldn’t tell where from. His legs pumped as hard as he could manage. He didn’t spend years training, in football, in the military, as a member of The Watch, to have this happen.
  100. There was growling now, and he burst out of the grass into a clearing. She was right behind him, emerged from the brush in a monstrous form. Her whole body covered in a thick brown fur, 8 feet of pure abomination. She roared, and Rick was nearly shaken off of his feet.
  102. He had only seen this once before, he was sure. The last time, he watched as a werewolf slaughtered a room full of men, then left through a solid door. He had no chance now.
  104. She came loped at him, and he ran across the clearing, pushing to a large ditch up ahead. He leaped inside just as her claws raked above him, then ran through the center as she tried to dive in. Her body was too wide for the messy ditch, and even when she fit in it enough to follow, her claws could barely gain traction.
  106. His heart was pounding, he pushed to a wooden construction ahead. Someone put a small bridge over the ditch, and the wood supports dipped into the ditch itself.
  108. She was right on his heels, and he had to guess she was holding something back.
  110. Rick barely made it past the first wood support when the werewolf’s claws swiped for him, catching him with a scratch across the shoulder. He winced and turned, her face coming forward in time for him to slash with his rock. It caught her across the face, and she cried out in pain. He backed past the second support, watching in horror as the dark red of the cut healed up before his eyes.
  112. The monster came at him again, and Rick pulled up the last of his strength, striking her with the flat of his palm, right in the nose. It felt like punching concrete, and he cried out in pain just as she did. The werewolf thrashed in frustration, the whole wood support coming down around them, Rick diving out as the simple bridge collapsed on top of her.
  114. He stood, breathing in ragged breaths, looking for signs of movement.
  116. The wood exploded outwards, the beast howling so loud that it made him close his eyes and cover his ears. When he peeked again, it was Becky Hollande, standing before him absolutely nude.
  118. He stood there for a moment, unsure what to think. Her body was pristine, shapely. Something about it seemed primal, as if the first woman would have looked like this. Eve incarnate. Maybe Lilith was a better guess.
  120. She took a step out of the wood pile and smiled at Rick, then broke into a sprint right toward him.
  122. He tried to turn and run, but felt her fingers dig into the wound on his shoulder, forcing him to turn and swing down with his rock. It seemed now she was ready, she slapped it from his wrist, and struck him across the face.
  124. She was just human now, despite the swaying of her breasts, there was nothing to be afraid of. He swung a fist now, and she ducked the blow, her own punched digging into his gut. He dodged a blow, then caught her with a hook to the face.
  126. He tried to step in and continue his assault, but she backhanded him so hard that he fell on his back.
  128. “Who’s the bitch now?” She said looking down at him.
  130. She collapsed on him, straddling him, pinning his arms. Her face came up to his, and he tried to resist, turning his face away from that animalistic smile.
  132. She kissed him, deep moist kisses on his cheek, neck, anywhere she could manage. She sucked at him even, and as he cried out, tried to struggle, he could tell she was overpowering him.
  134. “You fought well,” She said, “But I win, stop struggling and kiss me.”
  136. He turned to look up at her, and in the moonlight, there in the open air, she had a surprising beauty. She took his moment of weakness, and their lips met. Her tongue plunged past his, and this part at least felt as sweet as meeting any other woman.
  138. Then she broke the kiss and her cheeks rubbed feverishly against his, on one side, then the other.
  140. “Oh that part where you cut me,” She said with excitement, “It was so exciting. Then when you got to the ditch, I was afraid you were a goner.”
  142. She was like an excited puppy. Except, with the body of a grown woman. The thought wasn’t unwelcome.
  144. Becky smiled down on him, then wiggled her waist, “Someone is accepting their fate.”
  146. She pushed off of him just long enough to grab at his pants, yanking them down violently, his erection springing free.
  148. Becky stared at it with awe, then that wolf grin spread across her lips again. She dove back on him, kissing him just as deeply, pushing her chest into his skin. The warmth spread between them, and even their wounds were forgotten.
  150. She gripped his manhood from between her thighs, and put him against her exposed lips, pushing him in slow, moaning as every inch of him filled her. When she was seated firmly again, she looked down on him.
  152. “You might enjoy this part,” She whispered as she began to ride him, sliding up and down his shaft in slow shifts.
  154. Their eyes remained locked the whole time, Rick’s a nervous excitement, and hers filled with depraved lust.
  156. She leaned into him again, and began to tilt her hips to slide his twitching length in and out of her. Her lips met his, and she sped up, moving faster and faster until she could feel him groaning into her mouth, his desire at its limits.
  158. Becky stopped, “Oh no you don’t,” She said, “You haven’t earned that yet.”
  160. She sat up again, this time gripping him just past his balls and squeezing with two fingers. She continued to thrust now, and Rick cried out in frustration as he could feel his whole body ready to finish.
  162. “The father of my child must be strong,” Becky gasped as she continued to pound down on top of him.
  164. “Please,” Rick cried out, “I’ll be strong.”
  166. “The father of my child has to earn that privilege,” She said with her eyes closed, her breasts heaving with each bounce.
  168. “I’ve earned it,” He groaned.
  170. Her back arched as she let out a long howl of ecstasy. She let him go, and Rick thrust up into her, adding his own screams to hers, his seed shooting into her.
  172. After several heavy breaths, She collapsed back into the dirt, and Rick scrambled from beneath her. His legs felt weak, but she looked even weaker. Her hand teasing her own nipple, her eyes closed tight, her face blushing red.
  174. He watched her for a moment, mesmerized by her excitement. The drip of his semen spilling from between her legs.
  176. Then he thought of the people who would be looking for him, and he ran up the side of the ditch and into the night.
  178. Becky put a hand to her stomach and moaned, circling the area with her fingers.
  180. She watched as he ran, and grinned, “He treats me so well,” she whispered.
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