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  1. Some of the issues noted in these anonymous posts is that:
  3. 1.  Paradox offers very low wages despite the financial growth of the company and exploits developer’s passion about the game.
  5. A current employee writes:
  6. “Paradox, and particularly PDS, have very low wages compared to other game devs/publishers in Stockholm (5-15k pm lower depending on position”
  8. Another currently employee confirms:
  9. “Paradox feels your passion is enough to compensate for your low pay, and that it is a privilege to work for them.”
  12. 2.  Quality Assurance is all over the place. QA testers are often mistreated, blamed, ignored and fired without noticed:
  14. A current employee writes: “They are overworked, with most doing the workload of two people. Their reports and quality verdicts are regularly ignored (ever wondered why most products launch with major issues? this is why). On top of all that, they are regularly disrespected, lied to and blamed for problems. When any of these issues are pointed out to anyone higher up, QA are told that actually all the problems are caused by their “attitude" or “toxicity".”
  16. Another current employee writes: “In 2019, Paradox fired all of Publishing QA. We were saddened by the news but understood the decision. However, there was no public or internal announcement of this because management didn't deem it "necessary" to inform the company, or the public, that this had happened. I found out my co-workers had been fired over facebook, it's absurd. Over the next few weeks, they were pushed out the door as fast as possible and with minimum effort/expense. This led to a lot of confusion, for example product owners coming to the Studio QA to ask where the Publishing QA were, then being informed that they had all been fired weeks ago.”
  19. 3.  Favoritism and allegations of sexual misconduct:
  21. A current employee writes: “There have been multiple reports of sexual misconduct at the company over the last two years. The ones that were reported have not been handled well at all. With many of them remaining in their positions or power/management over the individuals who reported them. Or even getting promoted “out of the way”.”
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