Jun 20th, 2021
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  1. Annex of Wyrden Scriptures.
  2. The shadowy outline of a twisted forest casts a dark gloom here. A short, narrow archway, barely an opening in the wall, leads into this cool, secluded alcove from the main library. The walls, ceiling and floor are constructed from black marble, complementing the ravenwood shelves that are set at regular intervals throughout the room. A vast collection of fresh and ancient scrolls and volumes of Wyrden origin fill the shelves, all meticulously preserved. The stone of the northern wall has been laid with a latticework of dark wood, creating an intricate mural depicting a grove of stylised Wyrden flora. Dried, trailing rose vines curl around a series of high and narrow glassless windows set into the opposite wall, through which a minimal amount of light illuminates the area. A fresh breeze drifts through the openings, carrying the scents of the dark forest's flora into the tower. Several tiny crystal holders hang from thin chains melded to the arched ceiling, supporting small pillar candles that hover over tables to provide additional lighting. The air is refreshingly cool in this annex, providing relief from the thick, musty smell of the main library. A sturdy chair of polished darkwood has been placed here. Carved from dark, gleaming wood, this beautiful desk has been placed against the wall. Glowing gently with a soft blue light, a delicate dreamcatcher has been permanently hung here. You may use the LIBRARY commands here.
  3. You see a single exit leading out.
  5. You tell Spirit Warden Xenthos An'Ryshe, the Ebon Strategist, "...uncle, when you have a moment, could you come here? ...alone?"
  7. Dusan, the coruscant rumbles excitedly at Xenthos, bumping his head against him in greeting.
  9. Xenthos tilts his head curiously at you.
  11. You have emoted: Esei looks up from sketching, clearing their throat awkwardly.
  13. You glance askance.
  15. You whisper, " may seem... ridiculous, but I had a request?"
  17. Xenthos tilts his head and listens intently to you.
  19. Fidgeting with their pencil, you whisper, "...could I have a hug?"
  21. Xenthos purses his lips thoughtfully, regarding you with his one eye. He holds out one arm extended, offering it for you to step closer.
  23. You have emoted: Esei shuffles awkwardly closer, then takes a full step into Xenthos's range.
  25. Xenthos somewhat awkwardly closes his arm around you, drawing you closer, the metal of his plate creaking slightly as it bends in a manner unaccustomed to it.
  27. You have emoted: Esei wraps their arms around Xenthos's middle and hugs tight, either uncaring or unaware of the plate armor.
  29. Xenthos holds the hug, unmoving, his arm firmly pressed around you.
  31. Quietly, more than a little muffled, you say, "...thank you."
  33. Xenthos nods, though it is more felt than seen.
  35. [Ilistala arrives!]
  37. Ilistala, an enormous leopard rubs up against you, purring like a cat.
  39. You pet Ilistala, an enormous leopard ingratiatingly.
  40. A loud rumbling emanates from Ilistala as she rubs against you.
  42. Xenthos releases the hug after a long time, regarding you curiously.
  44. You have emoted: Esei squeezes Xenthos firmly once before the hug is broken, shifting their eyes to one side.
  46. Spirit Warden Xenthos An'Ryshe, the Ebon Strategist says to you, "I must be departing for a time- please let me know if there is anything I can do for you?"
  48. You nod solemnly.
  50. You whisper, "Be well."
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