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  1. PED - Surge Rankings (from low to high)
  3. SURGE-C24:CALLNAME.02 - New unit to the SURGE division. Has access to standard riot control items, but nothing too crazy.
  4. SURGE-C24:CALLNAME.01 - Not an old, but not a new SURGE divison unit. Has access to standard riot control items and can be granted permission at any time to grab weapons of a higher-caliber.
  5. SURGE-C24:CALLNAME.VET - Old, high-standing SURGE units who can command anyone below them in the case that a Rank Leader is absent.
  6. SURGE-C24:BETA/OMEGA.RL - Rank Leader. Acts as the SDL of SURGE when the SDL is not present and receives commands from him.
  7. SURGE-C24:ALPHA.SDL - SDL of Surge.
  9. There can only be 23 standard SURGE units at any given time IN GENERAL.
  10. Names follow the standard NATO phonetic alphabet.
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