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Nov 21st, 2013
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  1. <VanessaE> also, apples should drift around with the leaves - but NOT bend
  2. <VanessaE> (just move)
  3. <VanessaE> so we need MOAR SHADERZ
  4. <VanessaE> :D
  5. <VanessaE> waving=0/nil/false = no shaders. waving=1/true = use the default for the drawtype. waving = 2 = use alternate shader #2 for that drawtype (e.g. apples that move around with the leaves)
  6. <VanessaE> to cover all possible use cases, this will be needed.
  7. <VanessaE> re timers: ok so what are you waiting for, christmas? get busy ;)
  8. <VanessaE> *cracks whip*
  9. <RealBadAngel> i also thought bout apples
  10. <RealBadAngel> they shall simply move the same way as leaves do
  11. <RealBadAngel> the very same code as for leaves will do
  12. <VanessaE> also another plantlike shader is needed: one which puts the anchor in the center of the node. to be used with plantlike leaves in moretrees
  13. <VanessaE> no, don't bend the apples - just move them
  14. <RealBadAngel> and the flowers
  15. <RealBadAngel> leaves are full node movement
  16. <VanessaE> so as I see it,
  17. <VanessaE> we need three new shaders:
  18. <RealBadAngel> i mean like a box
  19. <RealBadAngel> so whatever is inside the box, ie apple will move
  20. <VanessaE> one that works on apples, pinecones, etc. one that works for raillike leaves (ferns mod). one that works for plantlike leaves in moretrees and realtest.
  21. <RealBadAngel> and here comes paramtype2 haha
  22. <VanessaE> no, leaves don't just move... look close, they bend and warp.
  23. <VanessaE> wait!
  24. <VanessaE> idea!
  25. <VanessaE> *ding!*
  26. <RealBadAngel> i can do that easily with it
  27. <VanessaE> paramtype2="waving", param2=0,1,2,3....
  28. <RealBadAngel> exactly
  29. <VanessaE> the number selects the shader
  30. <VanessaE> yes!
  31. <VanessaE> let's do it
  32. <RealBadAngel> thats why ive chosen paramtype2
  33. <VanessaE> 0 or nil = no shader at all is used
  34. <RealBadAngel> to be able to configure it easily
  35. <VanessaE> yes
  36. <VanessaE> I like this
  37. <RealBadAngel> i wanted also put there wind force
  38. <VanessaE> now go say it in -dev
  39. <VanessaE> naw, use a separate param for that - an actual global or area-wide wind speed
  40. <VanessaE> save that for later
  41. <RealBadAngel> ok
  42. <VanessaE> go tell shadow in -dev
  43. <VanessaE> let him know of this idea to use param2
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