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  1. We have lots to celebrate at the upcoming Sales Kickoff. 2019 saw us achieve a number of very significant milestones in some challenging conditions. We’ll highlight a number of these achievements during the SKO as well as arming ourselves with the knowledge, insights and strategies for the year ahead.
  3. During the Regional Dinner we will recognise outstanding performance by individuals and teams in addition to those who will receive their awards on the main stage from [redacted] on Monday. Although a number of individuals will be recognised our ultimate success comes from working in teams to make our customers successful. To reinforce the team theme I’d like to try something a little different at the Regional Dinner.
  5. Please come along wearing your favourite team colours. The team you represent can be a sporting one, but could also be a musical group, a club or something with which you associate and can tell a story around your association. No politics though please! I’m looking to make this a colourful occasion where we can also share something about our private lives and interests that others may not be aware of while emphasising the importance of working together in teams.
  7. After the dinner we will all head off to the Sales & Services Offsite so you will have ample time to change into your party outfit or even stay as you are (unless your pastime is to do team based deep sea diving J).
  9. Thanks ahead of time for your participation in this. I’m looking forward to seeing a sea of colour, interesting outfits and an enjoyable Regional Celebration.
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