[SPOILERS] Accel World Volume 12

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  1. ___________
  2. -The White King is KYH's older sister. Her avatar name is "White Cosmos".
  3. -She tricked KYH into killing Red Rider, and KYH in turn tried to PK her in real life wwwww (this was hinted in vol10), which is the reason why KYH got exiled from home ("to reat her mental illness") and only a lawyer came to see her even when a car ran her over. WC did get injured. Oh yeah, she's also confirmed KYH's "parent".
  4. -Crow got a new ability called Optical Conduction
  5. -Lime Bell's new nickname is Watch Witch (kinda like how Raker is called ICBM sometimes). She dived into the unlimited stage and got an ability called Acoustic Summon that can gather Enemies (ability's from an item called Choir Chime).
  6. -Aqua Current appear once again when Crow was attacked by Argon Array.
  7. -More on Graphite Edge, he likes to give other nicknames and act totally like a kid (doesn't sound like Kirito at all tbh). He didn't have enough safe points so he decided not to get to level 9 before the other Kings. His swords are made of Hyper Diamond (hardest material in AW), can completely reflect one full on assault from KYH; extremely versatile with his swordsmanship in that he can use them to defend and attack. Since he only upgraded his swords, his body's super weak (so weak that he would lose to Ardor Maiden in close combat without 'em, and AM's already super weak close range).
  10. -Red Rider, has an equipment called Arms Creation, and is also called Master Gunsmith (according to Kawahara's livecast for that episode, his battle avatar's totally a cowboy image with the horse if you missed that tiny detail). His creation has a symbol of crossed guns which acts as a safety switch, which Rider can control at will.
  11. -Blood Leopard's special attack is called Vital Bite, which absorbs HP and also Mental Bite, which absorbs special attack gauge.
  12. -Green Grandee has an ability called Double Payback, which is exactly like it sounds (2x reflect damage on enemy attack).
  13. -Blue Knight has abilities called Pain Killer and Limit Surpass.
  14. -White Cosmos is also nicknamed Transient Eternity, has 0 offensive abilities, but her IS ability makes her totally invisible, after she reached level 9, nobody can see her but other kings and her own legion. Ivory Tower also has the ability call Under Cover.
  15. -Wolfram Cerberus has 3 personalities (like name suggested). Middle head wants to collect burst points only; left head has ability call Wolf Down that can copy any ability, right now he wants The Disaster.
  16. -Magenta Scisscor is from Setagaya and is the first Burst Linker to install the ISS chip, but is not part of the Accel Research Committee.
  17. -ISS chip before installation is black and has Red Rider's symbol on it.
  19. ________
  20. *Haru barely won his fight vs Cerberus and decide to move on in his training for <<Theoretical Mirror>> (this is how its been spoiler before, but Google translated it as <<Mirror Theory>>
  21. *They use Chiyu to find an Enemy that have Laser Based attacks (The whole point of learn <<Theoretical Mirror>> is to reflect Metatron Laser attacks
  22. *The meet the <<Chocolate Armor>> Avatar in UNF
  23. *There is a mention about Crows new ability, Also about the BBRS getting ready to make a move, and that KYH is declared missing,
  25. ____________________________________________________________________________________
  26. *Crow and Cerberus are Fighting in Battle Royal Mode and at some point Argon Array show up in the battle and try to interfere but is stopped by Aqua Current.
  27. *They are fighting in the Ice and Snow Stage
  28. *Confirmed White Cosmos is the Healer and was the Avatar that kept using <<Resurrection by Compassion>> on Saffron Blossom 7 years ago.
  29. *White King is also the President of the BBRS (if I understood right, is not that she was the president since the beginning, but escalated all the way to the top.
  31. This part was really hard to understand but so ill just paste it:
  32. 白の王、ホワイト・コスモス!
  34. 黒雪姫の加速世界での《親》であり、現実世界での一つ年上の姉。
  36. そして、七王会議でロータスがライダーの首を斬り落とし、直後の王達によ
  37. るバトルロイヤルへと至った事件のきっかけを作った張本人!
  40. ……そうかー、やっぱりもっ先は騙されたのか。
  42. 尊敬し、完全に信じきっていた自分の姉であり《親》でもあるホワイト・コ
  43. スモスに。
  45. そのレッド・ライダーの造った強化外装の銃の意義を、言葉だけでなく心意
  46. を使ってまでもっ先を欺いたり、ネガビュ崩壊後に怒りと衝動でレターナ
  47. イフを手に取ったもっ先からナイフを取ろうとしてわざとらしく怪我を負
  48. ったりと……なんだか相当計算高い女性のようですね。
  50. ^If I get it right It means Cosmos planned and pushed Lotus to Kill Rider (she had come kind of interest in Rider Armament)
  51. Also looks like Hime went in a rage intermediately after the battle time ran out and attacked her sister
  52. ____________________________________________________________________________________
  54. So from all the spoilers and random talk I have read in the internet, the vol is split in 2 main arcs.
  56. 1) Is the end of Cerberus, and continue with some character development for Crow and company. also the whole part of the Chocolate avatar, (seem to be the one who won the avatars contest held before)
  58. 2)This is the really interesting part, seems like to be flashback arc), Focus on Lotus Past, that why we get too see her Sister, and her relation as the White King.and why we got so many references on Rider and also focus on the Kings meeting where Lotus Killed Rider
  59. I also dare to said that this part will describe the Fight Lotus had with the other Kings after Rider Death (In some spoilers we get to see Blue and Green using some of their attacks)
  60. ____________________________________________________________________________________
  62. We already know Cerberus have 3 personalities
  63. *After he dropped to 10% of his life gauge fighting Crow, the Visor in his head closed and one on his left shoulder opened and started to talk, this determine what personality is in charge at the time.
  64. *The head is Cerberus I while the left shoulder is Cerberus II and is more rough talking than Cerberus I
  65. *Each head have its own Ability. C I was the one cancelling damage<<invalid physical>>, while C II <<Predation>> allows him to copy an opponent ability by eating a part of him, the effect is just temporal and dont deprive the original Avatar of his skill (Unlike Dust Taker)
  66. ____________________________________________________________________________________
  68. there is also a mention of a linker caller "Aboida Avocado"
  69. Seem like while training they meet Chocolate but this one get infected by the ISS Parasite. and other 2 infected linker show up
  70. Magenta Scissors is the Linker that have been spreading the ISS Parasite to other Linkers.
  71. ____________________________________________________________________________________
  73. After the fight with Scissor and using Bell Citron Call skill to remove the ISS parasite, Scissor escapes but left behind the <<ISS Kit>> used to transfer the ISS Parasite, when Crow see it, it has 2 Guns drawn, Thats the Emblem of Red Rider.
  74. after showing it to Hime she decides to tell Haru the truth about her past.
  75. ____________________________________________________________________________________
  77. *Rider was considered a really special Avatar due to his skill to create gun armament.
  78. *IT seems that Rider was in a disagreement about something with Cosmos
  79. *I dont understand really well that part but it says something that after the fight in the meeting, they went to Lotus storage and found the latest gun Rider made, A gun that can not be used against any of the Seven Colored Kings, a testimony of Peace and their Friendship, the gun was called <<Seven Roses>>
  80. ____________________________________________________________________________________
  82. *KYH has a discussion with her Sister IRL and after that she does attack her with a knife. she then decide to leave the house on her own.
  84. More mention to the fight between Array and Current.
  85. *Its mentioned that one even after being lvl down, that became and advantage to Current, given that in a fight loose against him/her means loose a big chunk of points due to the lvl difference.
  86. ____________________________________________________________________________________
  88. Brain Burst Research Society Members:
  89. Dusk Taker
  90. Black Vise
  91. White Cosmos
  92. Rust Jigsaw
  93. Argon Array
  94. Sulfur Pot
  95. ____________________________________________________________________________________
  97. 白の王、ホワイト・コスモス!
  99. 黒雪姫の加速世界での《親》であり、現実世界での一つ年上の姉。
  101. そして、七王会議でロータスがライダーの首を斬り落とし、直後の王達によ
  103. るバトルロイヤルへと至った事件のきっかけを作った張本人!
  106. ……そうかー、やっぱりもっ先は騙されたのか。
  108. 尊敬し、完全に信じきっていた自分の姉であり《親》でもあるホワイト・コ
  110. スモスに。
  112. そのレッド・ライダーの造った強化外装の銃の意義を、言葉だけでなく心意
  114. を使ってまでもっ先を欺いたり、ネガビュ崩壊後に怒りと衝動でレターナ
  115. イフを手に取ったもっ先からナイフを取ろうとしてわざとらしく怪我を負
  116. ったりと……なんだか相当計算高い女性のようですね。
  118. ;;>>(Someone gave me a hand with what seems to be an accurate translation])
  120. Hime's Parent. Elder sister by one year.
  122. The one who created the impetuous that drove Hime to decapitate Red Rider and the Battle Royale with the Kings that occured right after.
  124. Turns out Hime had also been earlier deceived.
  126. By her own elder sister and Parent whom she respected and utterly trusted.
  128. An ultra calculating person who in order to seek the meaning behind the gun Rider created, went so far as to first use Incarnate ability to trick her, then, when Hime flew into a rage and grabbed a letter knife on impulse when Nega Nebulous collapsed, White Cosmos suffered a suspiciously artificial wound.
  129. ____________________________________________________________________________________
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