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Dadonequus Discord Part 244

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  1. >It was dark, with only a few streetlights and lit windows to light the area in this dim part of the city.
  2. >You look over to Chrysalis, donned in sisterly form, looking onto the moon. "hmmmmnn""
  3. >?
  4. >You look up, and could see the mare in the moon was indeed still there.
  5. "What are you thinking about?"
  6. >"I'm actually taking taking a moment to compose myself and my thoughts. I've been too easily frustrated. Not a very good thing to be when you're on an infiltration mission. Those accursed kings...Oh how I'd love to skewer them with my horn. But, merely destroying them won't help the situation. No, I don't even want to destroy them...."
  7. >You look upon the door of the hotel. Huh....more like motel anyway. It was almost as basic as any other door.
  8. "You want to make them suffer, right?"
  9. >Chrysalis takes a breath and calmly exhales "Exactly, I'm glad we're on the same page. But until I exact my revenge I don't think I will ever be in good spirits."
  10. "Revenge for your other self? That's kinda poetic in a way."
  11. >You start speaking like a bard before a tale
  12. "In a world where you're gone, you feel the need to right the wrong that this future brought upon your race simply because it was still you"
  13. >"Don't be cute..."
  14. >Chrysalis starts walking towards the door with a huff..
  15. "Oh come on, I didn't mean to get you upset. I thought you would have liked the thought that I was totally with you on this"
  16. >Chrysalis let's out a groan as she opens the doors to the small lobby. Really, it was small. Just a desk with a pony reading a particularly huge book. holding it aloft with magic. As a wall of keys sit behind him or her. A staircase leading to the rooms just beside her. At least it didn't look rickety.
  18. >"I'm just not in the mood." Chrysalis walks over to the desk, takes another breath, and does her best to sound cheerful. "Hello! We're looking for a room. We have a royal pass, I'd hope it'd be good here. The prince does need his rest and we don't want to trouble you too much. If you can just give us a room and lead us to it, we'd gladly do the rest. You needn't tell us about anything in the room. We'll figure it out ourselves so we don't trouble you."
  19. >"Card...." Said a familiar and disgruntled voice from behind the book.
  20. "I got it"
  21. >You take the card and slip it onto the counter. You couldn't even tell if she looked at it. But, after a few seconds. you hear the jingle of keys. She had put a key right next to the card. It had a tag that said room "101".
  22. >"Here's your key..." She says in a bored and uninterested manner.
  23. >Well, that was rude.
  24. >"Excuse me, but aren't you at least going to show us where the door is? This is our first time here" Chrysalis tries to be as polite as possible. trying her best not to flip out this time.
  25. >The book is gently put onto the counter as a familiar purple...unicorn...looks upon her. "Can't you just follow the numbers? You can count right?"
  26. >You go wide eyed...even Chrysalis goes wide eyed....holy...fucking..shit. It's Twilight Sparkle without princessfication original flavor.
  28. >Both of you say nothing as Twilight starts to get really annoyed. "...Right? Don't tell me you both don't know how to count. Ugh, just start from one and work your way up. It isn't hard"
  29. >Chrysalis started to slowly smile, then she twitched, then she started to laugh, and boy did she laugh. Laugh enough that Pinkie herself would approve of this. "YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING! THAT'S TOO GREAT! THE GREAT TWILIGHT SPARKLE REDUCED TO A MERE CLERK! I HAD TO SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT! OH THANK TARTARUS THERE'S SOME GOOD IN THIS WORLD!" She nearly doubled over in laughter.
  30. >So much for nothing being able to cheer her up.
  31. >You just stared in shock. The Friendship Princess, The element of magic, Twilight Sparkle...reduced to this. In fact, things were actually starting to become clear. It's as if there was a major event that prevented the mane 6 from ever having a good friendship with eachother.
  32. >"Ooooookkkkkk.....weirdos...I swear." Twilight was alarmed that she was known as "The Great Twilight Sparkle". But she took it as someone having told them about the motel, probably a nutcase. In fact, she thought it was a whole bowl of nuts if royalty decided to stay here.
  33. >You walk up to the counter. Something..a seed of sorts. was planted in your mind. Something..worrying.
  34. "...Twilight, what are you doing here?"
  35. >Twilight looks down at you and rolls her eyes "What does it look like, I work here. Sheesh, what lunatic recommended you to this place? And why are you both acting as if you know me? Do you know how creepy that is?"
  36. >....shit, she..didn't amount to shit in this world.
  37. "It's just..."
  38. >You thought to ask her about Celestia. But it was already becoming clear that it was possible that she was never Celestia's pupil in this future.
  39. "We were told how...great and nice you were"
  41. >"Whoever told you that is...eh" Twilight sighed and leaned back on her chair "I don't even need to say it. Look, you get what you pay for. And you didn't pay anything. If you wanted service, there's a whole other district where ponies ...do..things" Twilight raises her book and looks deeply into it as she covers her face "Things I...don't know. But I do know it sometimes gets loud enough to be heard even from here and it drives me nuts!...ahrm" Twilight composes herself and starts to read as she continues to speak. "So yeah, follow the numbers and you'll find your room. Ok? ok...." Twilight tried to ignore Chrysalis's laughter. Just taking her as a crazy mare.
  42. >....something was clicking in your brain. ...but..you couldn't figure out what it is.
  43. "Nymous...come on.."
  44. >"W-wait! Wait!" Chrysalis walks over to Twilight and puts her hoof on her book and puts it forcibly down. "You must tell me, how does it feel to deal with such drek every day?! I must know!"
  45. >Twilight gives groans "Do you mind?"
  46. >"I do, now tell me. I need to hear these words" Chrysalis's ears fluffed up
  47. >"Oh..." Twilight smirked back at her. "It feels something like..This!"
  48. >Twilight uses her magic to slam the huge book tightly onto Chrysalis's leg. Making her pull back as she stifles a yelp.
  49. >"Get it? Or do I need to show you some more examples..." Twilight was hoping she'd back off after that.
  50. >"...You ....." Chrysalis nearly lost herself again. But then turned her head to hide her anger. "I...apologize"
  51. >"No you don't" Twilight turns the page "Now will you both just leave me alone?"
  52. "Come on Nymous...please?"
  53. >"Hmph...not worth my time anyway" Chrysalis turns and starts walking up the stairs with you in search of room 101.
  55. >Chrysalis just looked on ahead as you both went up to the floor that had rooms in the 100s. It shouldn't take long.
  56. >"...It appears the elements of harmony never came to be in this world. That explains the change in events and how those two "Kings" managed to take advantage of it." Chrysalis let's out a giggle "Even if I am a little ticked, seeing Twilight reduced to that still does my little black heart good. hehehe...hmm?"
  57. >Chrysalis looks to you, noticing you being silent, with a dead stare "Anon?..."
  58. >You were lost in thought.
  59. >"Anon..."
  60. >She gives you a gentle nudge.
  61. "W-wha?..oh..yeah...hmmnn"
  62. >"Tired?...."
  63. "Sorta...hey look, there's the room...now let's hope it's...clean..eheh"
  64. >you chuckle nervously.
  65. >And luckily for the both of you. The room was actually kept in good order. The lights worked, it had a working bathroom, a window......with a building blocking the view. And one bed.
  66. >Chrysalis tapped on the bed. it was...ok. Firm, and yet a little soft. "....get what you paid for indeed. Your bed is a million times better than this"
  67. "That's probably because my bed is enchanted with magic to make it that way."
  68. >You put your saddle bag beside the bed and climb on up, rolling around a bit before putting the blankets under you.
  69. "..It's good enough."
  70. >You scootch to the side and lay your head down on the pillow as your mind wanders into your thoughts again.
  71. >Chrysalis takes notice that you don't seem to be nervous or actually tired at all. She was...dare she even think it...concerned.
  72. >She stays within her Nymous form and climbs into bed behind you. Before she could make a grab for you however. You instead move backward into her. and nuzzle your head. Confusing the hell out of her.
  74. >"Interesting...I can feel it. You're actually yearning for affection all of a sudden. Is there something on your mind Anon?" Chrysalis says in a gentle tone as she cuddles you a little closer. Feeding off of you. "You usually have some objection to this, even when you do agree"
  75. >.......
  76. "Chrysalis, I need somepony to talk to...I have something really heavy on my mind. And I just want to make sure I'm right"
  77. >"And you've chosen me to talk about this? Are you sure about that?"
  78. "....Well, you're my only choice...and I'd like to ask you. just this once, to be like a sister. Please?"
  79. >Chrysalis pondered on this. She wondered what was suddenly bothering you. She was thinking that she shouldn't, and just tease you. But she herself had this nagging feeling on her, as if the last few times she's spent with you had meant something. No, she discarded it. it couldn't be that. No, instead. She'd do just as you asked. And feed off the growing love that would no doubt flow from you. "..Alright Anon, I'll play along. Who knows, I might be able to impart onto you some of my incontestable advice"
  80. "R-really?"
  81. >She pulls you in and cuddles you the best she can. "We're friends Anon. I do believe that's what friends do"
  82. >....You didn't even care if that was bullshit right now. You had to get this sorted in your mind.
  84. "Well,Seeing Twilight, this Twilight, the way she is made me think on a few things about our Twilight..."
  85. >Right then, you expected a snarky comment. But she only rubbed her muzzle ontop of your head and said in a gentle tone "Go on..."
  86. "....."
  87. >You regather your thoughts and continue.
  88. "Well, Old Twilight was kinda like this. Not to this degree. But she wasn't really a pony who cared about friendship. So seeing what she could have ended up as compared to how she actually is. It made me think. It made me think on the way she treats me compared to other ponies. I guess at first I really thought she was mostly uptight. I knew she was capable of being friendly, but she was always up my ass about something. Or telling me I was wrong or that I shouldn't do things on my own because it's dangerous. I thought it was because I was a colt that made her more anal about things. But then I thought back even further, when she tried to seal me up thinking I was you...."
  90. >You sigh, put your front legs around Chrysalis's right front leg to grasp it and hold it close.
  91. "And I realized it's more than that. She's an element of harmony. And..considering my Cutie Mark and the fact I am Discord's "son" must not be easy for her to process at all. Everytime she let's her guard down. Either me or Discord fuck with her, and everything falls apart. She does what she does because she's genuinely worried about my well being without knowing the truth. But because Discord is in it to cause her problems, she probably feels like everything keeps going back to square one. Or even worse. I bet it would have been a non issue if I just listened."
  92. >"But that's the problem, isn't it?" Chrysalis...was actually paying attention. "She follows order and harmony, and you follow chaos and disorder. You're human afterall. You're not suited to be as nice and loving as these ponies. But, you aren't evil and cruel either. Nor are you as much an...hrmm..I suppose "Asshole" is the appropriate human word....But you aren't as much of one compared to Discord. That's probably why Twilight hasn't given up, because she still has that spark of hope, no matter how pointless that spark may be when given the fact you aren't going to follow her ways and continue to do what you're doing"
  93. >You let out a disapproving moan. a disapproval of yourself.
  95. "That's...true. But it doesn't mean I can't ease her mind and try being her friend. An actual friend. What I need to do is apologize, and have a sit down with her. one on one. I cause her nothing but grief simply because I act different from any other kid. In fact...That's what I'm gonna do. When we're done with all this.I'm going to talk to her personally.And we'll get this straightened out once and for all. If I don't do it, then the cycle is going to repeat itself. I have to let her know exactly what's going on without letting her in on who I really am. It's the only way.."
  96. >You nod, it sounded like a sound plan.
  97. "What do you think Chrysalis?"
  98. >But the only answer you got was the sounds of her snores. She must have fallen asleep on that last bit. poor Chrysalis, lack of love must have really tuckered her out.
  99. >You stretch your head up a little and giver her a kiss on the cheek.
  100. "Goodnight Chrysalis...thanks for listening"
  101. >You snuggle in close, and fall asleep.
  102. >And when you do...Chrysalis opens her eyes.
  103. >She puts her hoof on her cheek where you kissed it, then lets out a near silent grumble. "..The things I put up with..hrnnn."
  104. >Chrysalis feels you yawn and hug on tighter.
  105. >She puts her hoof on your horn for just a moment, then slowly pulls away. "...Anon, why must you torment me like this? Why can't you just let these feelings go and join me. You're so much better than them. You have a mind that could finally bring these ponies down for good...."
  106. >You sleepily and accidentally tap her nose with your hoof, and then turn, you were shaking. it appeared you were having a nightmare.
  107. >Chrysalis sighed and rested her head above yours. "...troubled yourself enough to have nightmares even...such an idiot...."
  108. >She was actually doing her best to nurture you until you calmed yourself. But she said nothing more afterwards. She didn't want to think on what feelings she was having at the moment. She didn't want to wonder what the meaning of it could be.
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