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Cyber Berkut Hacks NATO English

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Mar 16th, 2014
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  1. Official Website:
  3. 16.03.2014 y KiberBerkut stopped the attack defenseless NATO resources
  5. We affirm the termination KiberBerkut DDoS- attack resources, and
  7. Pay attention to European taxpayers to wasting your money on software notorious cyber defense . If NATO can not protect their resources , the protection of personal data of ordinary Europeans can not be considered.
  8. 15/03/2014 , the NATO attacks KiberBerkut
  10. We KiberBerkut will not allow the presence on the territory of the NATO occupation of our homeland !
  12. In Ukraine, at the request of the Kiev junta wielding group of students under the guidance of Tallinn kibertsentra NATO (NATO Cooperative Cyber ​​Defence Centre of Excellence), who called themselves maydanovskoy " Kibersotney ." Hiding behind them the west leads active propaganda among the Ukrainian population through the media and social networking , blocks objective sources of information , concealing criminal activities , calling themselves the " legitimate authority ."
  14. To help maydaunam arrived in Kiev all color kiberrukovodstva NATO headed by Colonel Arthur Suzikov .
  15. We KiberBerkut , we want to say to Mr. Suzikov : " Rather Go home , and save your kibertsentr . And we strongly recommend that you change your password on your computer ."
  17. We KiberBerkut declare that today at 18:00 we launched an attack on NATO resources :
  23. We appeal to NATO kiberbanditam : " Get away from the Ukrainian land! "
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