Desire Manager Chapter 3

Apr 17th, 2018
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  1. Desire Manager Chapter 3
  2. [The Desire Manager] Fmc: Jung Hee (Joy)
  3. App.base TL not that Perfect
  5. Chapter start Fmc touch herself while looking at the couple banging in the hallway thinking I am so wet and say what a shame I am so lewd and then the man invited her on the job speak I have the same idea. Fmc got a little bit of a shock their and say Sir! since when?and then Boss tell her since you start masturbating here. Flustered Joy say from that moment? and then the Slut who is she peeking at speak and say Oh, my God! The peeper culprit I thought it was someone and it turned out its you Mrs.Joy with the Boss I see you're the new manager I will look forward to your kind cooperation. The Boss then tell the slut Choi Min Young again with the butcher did you do it outside? and the Slut tell the Boss How is it are you excited. Boss tell them The butcher I respect your taste but you cant do it too often while looking at them Joy think "Boss these two are in relationship?"  Scratching his head The Butcher speaks OMG! I'm so sorry I don't know Ms.Joy is watching us but its a relief now knowing she the new Manager of desire good luck to you next time let me try it with you I'm looking forward for that day doing it with you of course not outside like this.
  7. Joy while listening to what the butcher is saying she think What are you saying now what you did now with her you will be doing it too with me? The Desire Manager you want to do it with me? those lewd thing I just witness I don't know No way! Then the Boss speak with the butcher Ms.Joy here is just "Manager" and the butcher got disappointed of what he heard saying I am sorry that I made a big mistake. Joy while listening to them think Yes! Men they are one and the same I come here for the work not to have sex my dead husband the supermarket manager and the boss too.
  9. After thinking Joy tell them Do you liked it? the angry Fmc tell them Have you ever wanted to play with me knowing my circumstances are what I'm doing for that purpose you approached me I believe in you and think of Hope was it like that after all? Boss try to calm her by trying to approach her and say Ms.Joy first of all but Fmc shouted "Dont come closer" You're the one! Your tricked me right? You made it Seemingly a management job you're just trying to make me a prostitute here in a private property by intimidation I wont do it! then the Slut approach her and whisper People like you "Joy" don't get too excited I will tell you the cost price of your misunderstanding I think you did it obviously its a bad story, but it's not possible furthermore The slut touch Joys butt and tell her just by looking at us you are already wetting like this.
  11. TBC
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