One Motive, One Motif

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  1. from /hhg/ - Hazbin Hotel General Thread #253
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  3. It's a little late for valentine's day but here's a little something I made.
  4. Contains Sir Pent and Helsa
  7. >It was early morning and the chic little cafe was already swarming with couples.
  8. >It seemed even in hell one couldnt escape the day of Saint Valentine.
  9. >Just two patio tables held single occupants.
  11. >local warlord and suit afficianado Sir Pentious sat with an expresso and daily paper in hand, scanning news for information on his territorial rivals.
  12. >He needed other prospects, especially after his crushing defeat at the hands of Alastor. Just thinking about it was enough to raise his hackles.
  14. >Fearsome daughter of the Von Eldritch household and the lion of high socieity, Helsa Von Eldritch sat with a plate of macarons and a Latte with whip cream and salted caramel.
  15. >She stabbed at her phone with a claw, trolling news sites for gossip on her enemies.
  16. >A video flashed on her screen.
  17. >Charlie Singing and dancing and calling her a loser on primetime TV like she was untouchable because of her daddy. The worst part is she was right.
  18. >She curled her lip at the phone.
  20. >A rabbit eared television in the corner of the shop was switched on.
  21. >It showed the news mid report. They looked over. A scrawny white faced girl and a leering red deer demon beamed at them.
  22. >Headlines blared, "Hazbin Hotel gains first dozen residents!".
  24. >Pentious soured and swore under his breath. "Oh how I loathe that damndable red freak".
  25. >Helsa chomped another macaron. "God I hate that little twerp."
  26. >"I wish they'd just die" They said in unison.
  28. >They stopped, hearing they were being echoed, and turned to meet eachoter's eyes.
  29. >Helsa spoke first, "You hate her too?"
  31. >"No, the tacky red one next to her." he looked to the TV, showing a closeup of Alastor's grinning face.
  33. >"Oh that radio demon creep" She sneered. Pentious looked pleased at that.
  35. >He extended a hand, "Sir Pentious"
  36. -
  37. >She had heard of this guy before, one of the bigger turfholders after Alastor had purged the old blood. She took his hand. "Helsa, Von Eldritch."
  39. >He was no stranger to high society but he didnt brush with royalty often!, "Charmed. I have heard so many things about you"
  41. >She flashed him a sickly sweet smile, "Only good things I hope?"
  43. >He smirked inwardly. Of course she was a narcissist.
  44. >Hello Mr.Pot, meet Ms.Kettle.
  45. >"Oh just a couple rumors that a terrifying she demon was cutting a bloody swath through the upper crust" He waved a hand dismissively "But that couldn't have been you, none of the articles mentioned your beauty!"
  47. >She laughed, showing rows of sharp teeth in a wicked maw. "Now I know you're lying. Those writers know I'd kill them if they 'forgot' to make me look good." >Pentious doubted she was joking.
  48. >"Flattery will get you nowhere" She flipped her hair over her shoulder, "But keep going"
  50. >He slithered over from his table to hers, bringing his coffee over. "I'd love, my lady, to but there arent enough hours in the day. How about instead a business proposal?"
  52. >She perked up at him, hair raising slightly like hackles on a dog. "Oh?"
  54. >"It seems our rivals have joined forces, and I can't imagine that makes it any easier for either of us to get our way."
  55. >"So, a joint business venture would be advantageous."
  57. >Her face split into a wide smile, showing more teeth. Pentious spied hints of extra eyes showing. "We have a saying for that, the enemy of my enemy..." She offered him a macaron "Is my friend"
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