WIJ Dark Matter

Feb 18th, 2014
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  1. WIJ Story: Dark Matter
  3. *Disclaimer* Some opinions stated in this book are not the actual views of the author or any of those involved
  5. Prologue
  6.     The Shock Trooper checked his communications array. No messages had come in. He checked the radar and saw no blinking red dot that indicated an enemy ship approaching. Everything was good. The young shock trooper sighed. Today was his last patrol until he could take his one month leave to be with his family. The ST grinned as he thought of his little brother, and how he would be mentoring him soon. The ST walked to the cafe and ordered a drink. He sighed as he read the label. Space Juice. He honestly did not understand what it was with Space Juice. It was just Apple Juice made in space. The young ST walked over to the other STs and started talking about the war breaking out against Susa.
  7.     “Does anyone even know who Susa is?” one ST asked.
  8.     “No one actually knows, but as it turns out, they fired at a mall on the downtown side. There were no casualties thankfully. A few cuts and bruises, but nothing major.
  9.     “Why are you all standing around here?” Commander Johnson, current commander of the STS
  10. asked. “We have a schedule to maintain. If you ladies want to get home to see you're mommies, you better start working.”    Everyone started slowly walking to their stations. One of the young shock trooper's friends came up to him and asked, “See you at the game on Friday?
  11.     “Wouldn't miss it for the world,” the Shock Trooper replied. They were talking about the Combat Game that new Shock Troopers took place in to test their skills with stun guns. The Top 50 out of 200 were the ones that were allowed to become Shock Troopers.
  12.     “Have you read my book yet?” another one of his friends named Coral asked.
  13.     “Yeah, it's great. I'm surprised Corus didn't publish it sooner.” the young ST replied. Coral was a special case. She was great at pretty much anything. She was an awesome ST, a great writer, the best builder, an epic artist, and the young Shock Trooper's girlfriend. They parted ways and the ST walked back to his station. Nothing wrong. Then again, he didn't expect anything to happen. The last attack was over a month ago, and easily contained. The boy sighed as he leaned against the monitor. He thought about the strange new group called Susa. Why were they even attacking WIJ? They were such a small group. There was no way they could even make a dent in WIJ, unless.......
  14.     The young ST paled. If he were them, he would've done small attacks, leading p to one big one to show their true might. The ST quickly started flipping through the monitor's settings until he came to Plasma setting and saw a large mass object heading directly towards the ship.
  15.     “Unidentified object heading towards the ship. Prepare for offensive maneuvers,” the ST said through the intercom next to him. He heard the Plasma Cannons being fired on the enemy ship. He looked out a window and saw, to his dismay, the enemy ship dodging every beam. Then he realized what the enemy ship was doing.
  16.     “STOP FIRING! STOP FIRING!” the ST yelled. It was too late. Their arsenal was gone. The Susa ship stopped, and started firing on the ship. They dodged the beams for a few minutes, but the Susa ship was too fast. A blast hit the ship on the side, and the ship barely managed to not go flying out into space.
  17.     Another blast shook the ship as the young shock trooper dove to the floor. The ship was spinning out of control, and the Shock Trooper held on for dear life.
  18.     “Engine 1 is down!” yelled the captain from his seat, “We will try to dock in the main port. Hold on to something!” The Shock Trooper frantically grabbed on to a railing. His knuckles turned white as the ship was battered with more and more beams from Phaser Cannons.
  19.     “ENGINE 2 IS DOWN! PREPARE TO EJECT!” the captain yelled. The Shock Trooper edged his way to the emergency pod. He strapped himself in and was about to eject when he saw his team members staring in fright at a fireball that had destroyed the bridge. The young Shock Trooper looked around, but could see no way to save his team. Except one. The idea was stupid, and likely to get him killed, but it was his only chance. He grabbed the remote he had fashioned that could control multiple pods at once (what, he was bored) and used it to fly over the flames. It was extremely difficult to control all the pods at once, but he managed. He landed the pods and helped everyone get in.
  20.     They all flew out of the burning ship, and flew away from the shooting enemy pods, due to lack of arsenal. Some of the enemy ships focused in on the young shock troopers pod, and the boy started to sweat. He had to get away somehow. The Shock Trooper started to maneuver through the various other ships while also dodging Phaser beams. One shot was so close, he could literally feel the heat, blistering his skin. He pushed the hair out of his eyes, and promised himself that if he managed to survive this, he would get it cut. Just as he was approaching his home planet, an enemy laser hit the back of his ship. The ship spiraled out of control smashing straight into the ground. Pieces of shrapnel flew as the entire pod fell apart. The enemy ship landed, but quickly evacuated when the Plasma Cannons started firing on them. The body was found an hour later.
  22.     The news came an hour after Shock Trooper Brandon Jennet's death. Matthew Jennet was 8 at this time, crying over his 16 year old brothers death. He was old enough for training to become a Trooper, and was supposed to be mentored by his brother. Now, that was impossible.
  23.     The funeral was held a few days later, and Chairman SS himself came. He talked about how brave Brandon was, and how his death would be mourned for years to come, and how the attack on the patrol showed that they had to deal with the new found threat of Susa. Matthew didn't listen to any of it. He was still in shock. He had lost his brother. That day, he vowed that he would destroy Susa the way they had destroyed his brother.
  25.     Meanwhile, on a planet far away from WIJ called Earth, young Mark Jennet was reading from a college level book. He was 8. Mark was an intelligent boy, but also quite athletic. Mark seemed to have no flaws, but he suffered from one. Nightmares. Horrible nightmares that made his whole body go into painful cramps. In these nightmares, he was a different person. It was usually a boy around his age, but today was different. As Mark was reading his book, he suddenly dropped the book and crumpled onto the floor. He started dreaming that he was around the age 16. He saw a crash as the ship he was on was being fired at. The nightmare went by so fast, he didn't have time to process much.
  26.     When Mark woke up, he was in a hospital room. He looked over at his parents, and said simply, “I had a nightmare.” He didn't cry or sob. Not a single tear fell from his eyes. Mark never cried. He just put all the sadness in a storage in his mind in case he ever needed to do a Cry-On-Demand, or a C.O.D., as he preferred to call it.
  27.     “How did you fall though?” Mark's mother asked.
  28.     “Well, most likely the novel I was reading caused a mental gap in my mind cycle, causing my body to go into a state of unconsciousness.” That was actually completely false. Any good psychologist or scientist would laugh in his face, give him a lollipop, and send him on his way. He was just never able to say what he actually wanted to say. Mark was discharged from the hospital later that evening, but his parents forced him to get plenty of rest, especially since he had school tomorrow. There was no real reason he should go to school, considering he had already earned his doctorate and was Dr. Jennet, except for the fact that his mother wished for him to acquire “Social Skills.”
  29.     Mark thought about that as he stood in front of the mirror and brushed his teeth. His features were slim and his hair was a messy lock of blond hair. His eyes were green, and his nose was a tiny bit rounder than most people's. He could also wiggle his ears, which freaked the life out of loads of people, and had once caused a little kid to wet his pants. Not just the fear tinkle everyone experiences in their life. The boy was so odious after that, he had to be sent home, much to the amusement of Mark.
  30.     Mark sighed as he fell asleep in his bed. Of course, he had nightmares.
  31. Chapter 1
  33.     Matthew rolled out of the way just before he was hit by the stun beam from the Phaser Pistol. He wouldn't be stunned, thanks to the fiber material in his one-piece suit, but it would hurt a whole lot in the morning. It was 4 years since his brother's death, and life had gone back to normal. He was doing a simulation with his best friend Luke, using stun guns to fight each other. A shot whizzed by Matthew's head, just barely missing the target.
  34.     “Nice shot dude,” Matthew said, “but watch this.” In three quick shots, Matthew shot Luke in the chest. A light blinked, “GAME OVER" and the simulation faded around Matthew and Luke.
  35.     “Great job,” Matthew said to Luke.
  36.     “Thanks, you too,” Luke replied. Their gaze wandered to a huge station. It was the Mainframe 3. Only Specialists+ were allowed in there. Matthew and Luke had just gotten the amount of cP needed to become Specialists. They were probably in the middle of the task list, so it would probably take  a  while for the WIJ HICOM to get to their names on the task list. Added to the fact they do like 5 things a day= long wait.
  37.     “Wanna go inside the Mainframe?” Luke asked whispering.
  38.     “You read my mind,” Matthew said grinning. They quietly found a two-seater pod and Matthew took the controls (Matthew was a better flier than Luke as they had soon agreed on in a race). Matthew carefully lifted the pod off the ground and zoomed towards the Mainframe. As soon as they were directly over the Mainframe, Matthew sent out the decoys in an High Altitude Low Opening jump. Just before the decoys were shot, he ejected himself and Luke, while also setting the pod's course for a small landing deck. As the decoys were being shot at, Matthew and Luke landed just on top of the Mainframe.
  39.     “Wow Matthew, you acted like you've practiced doing that before.” Luke commented.
  40.     “Well, it was pretty easy. The decoys were already in the ship and you know that I've always been great at ship manufacturing.” Luke took two Y14's from his pocket, and tossed one to Luke.
  41.     “What,” he said in response to Luke's questioning gaze, “It's better to be safe than sorry.” They quietly walked on top of the building until they found an opening. They jumped through the hole, landing inside the Mainframe. Carefully, Matthew and Luke walked around until they found what they were looking for. The place where nearly all of the data was held. Luke instantly bolted for his records, but Matthew took a bit more time looking at things. He came to a weird disk named 'Dark Matter'. As he was about to activate it, he heard a crash followed by a large explosion. Luke came up behind Matthew whispering, “What's happening?
  42.     “I have no idea, but we should probably get out of here.” Matthew replied. They walked silently along the wall, crouching down low. As they approached the hole in the wall, they heard a man's voice saying, “Just get the disk and go. Shoot anyone you see.” Matthew and Luke exchanged terrified glances. Whoever was here was most likely not afraid to kill. Matthew and Luke hadn't even been out in battle yet.
  43.     “We need to protect the Mainframe,” Matthew whispered to Luke. Luke nodded, then realized what Matthew had said and whispered back, “Are you crazy! Do you WANT to get killed before you're even a Specialist?”
  44.     “We have to do it Luke. We have a duty to serve WIJ.” Matthew dragged Luke to a concealed spot and turned the safety off on his Y14. He saw a man coming, and took careful aim. Matthew fired, and there was a stifled groan, as the man fell dead. Matthew felt no remorse as he saw the uniform the man was wearing. Susa. The group that killed his brother.
  45.     Luke also saw the uniform and quickly said, “Let's not make any rash decisions here. Just calm down and think.” Matthew wasn't listening as he pried the Assault rifle off the man. Luke grabbed him by the arm and said, “I know you're angry, but”
  46.     “I'm not angry. I'm furious.” Matthew interrupted before Luke could finish. “Susa killed my brother, and now they're trying to steal WIJ's secrets,” Matthew growled. Matthew went up to the nearest Susaian and shot him straight in the heart. 2 dead, 5 to go, Matthew thought. He carefully walked up a few steps, then shot a man who was standing at the top step, giving him only time to say, “Mmph!” before falling to the ground. He heard footsteps behind him, and quickly shot the guard sneaking up on him. That's when he saw the extra hundred members standing about 20 feet behind him. How they got here undetected was anybody's guess.
  47.     “Come quietly and we won't have to hurt you,” a man who was in the front lines said. Matthew exchanged a brief glance with Luke, and the both started running down the hallway. Miraculously, they were able to get to the ships without a single shot hitting them, thought they would be short a few hairs for about a month. They jumped into the pods, and flew out of the Mainframe. They saw shots being fired at them, and did evasive maneuvers. One lucky beam hit its mark, and Matthew stared horrified as he saw his best friend fall out of the sky. And then at the guy who had just appeared in his pod.
  48.     Mark was attempting to read a book about two orphaned kids who had been mysteriously transported to a strange world, but was constantly being asked questions by his 'friend'. His 'friend' was actually some kid that was Mark's age that had happened to sit next to Mark everyday, until the kid started considering Mark as a friend.
  49.     “So, what was the math homework again?” he asked.
  50.     “John, for the millionth time, we don't have any math homework,” Mark replied exasperated. It was at that moment when Mark's Mother came into the library. Mark stood up, taking his book with him, and walked over to his mother.
  51.     “Bye Mark, see you tomorrow,” John said to him.
  52.     “John Adams seems nice. Why don't you talk to him more?” Mark's mother asked as she checked out a book.
  53.     “He's strange.” Mark replied.
  54.     “Okay then. How are you liking that book?” Mark's Mother asked when they were out of the library.
  55.     “It is a bit young for my tasting Mother,” Mark replied.
  56.     “Everything's too young for your tasting,” Mark's mother muttered, “and please call me Mom.
  57.     “Mother, you of all people should know that 'Mom' is quite childish.” Mark replied wittily.
  58.     “Yes, I know,” she sighed. By the time they got home, it was already late, and Mark went right to bed. Tonight, he was having very bad nightmares. Mark was in a long room. There were bars on either side of him. Sinister faces started flowing around him. Mark broke out in a sweat, and started to run. The sinister faces kept circling around him. Closer and closer until........
  59.     Mark woke up with a sudden jolt. He looked over at his alarm clock. It was 6:30. Plenty of time for Mark to get to school. Mark took a quick shower, threw on some clothes, then went downstairs to get some breakfast. On the kitchen table, a stack of pancakes were already on it, practically beckoning Mark to them. Pancakes. Delicious. As Mark devoured the pancakes, his older sister, Mary, showed up.
  60.     “Wow. Just wow,” Mary said.
  61.     “Mmfgedoudovmaiface,” Mark replied, spewing pieces of pancake on her face.
  62.     “EWW!” she shrieked, as she ran out of the kitchen screaming. Mark swallowed and chuckled. He loved tormenting his 16 year old sister. It was revenge for the countless hours of her talking about boys on the phone.
  63.     Mark finished eating breakfast, then headed to school, shouting to his mom that he was leaving. When he got to school, he literally ran to his locker. It was the only way to avoid Billy Ortes, or as everybody called him, “B.O. Billy. Sadly, B.O. Was in the locker right next to Mark. Mark was relieved to find that Billy wasn't there. Nonetheless, he quickly grabbed his books and headed off to math class. About 5 minutes later, the bell rang, and the substitute walked in. A bunch of the kids were snickering. They knew that no sub ever made it past attendance, as they were scared off by Mark in a matter of minutes. Especially when they called his name.
  64.     “Mr. Adams?” the sub called out.
  65.     “Here”
  66.     “Mr. Jennet?” The students instantly started whispering and giggling amongst themselves. The sub realized that he had probably done something wrong. His suspicions were confirmed when Mark stood up.
  67.     “Sir, I am not a Mr. I find it quite insulting that you would call someone of great intelligence a Mr.” Mark spat out Mr. each time he said it. “I am a doctor. Dr. Jennet. Would you wish to see my certificate, that clearly states that I have a doctorate in history?” The sub tried to say a few words, but they came out in stutters. He eventually ran out of the room screaming. Mark sometimes had that effect on people. Mark went up to the front of the class.
  68.     “Now everyone, I want you all to take out a book and read. I want absolutely no talking.” The students did as asked. No one questioned Mark's authority, except for new kids, like the new girl that was walking up to the front of the class.
  69.     “Why should we listen to you? You're not any better than anyone here, are you now?” the girl said.
  70.     “When did I ever say that, sweetheart?” Mark smirked.
  71.     “Your attitude and tone clearly imply that you believe you are superior to the rest of the class,” the girl retorted. A few kids looked up from their books. This was starting to get interesting.
  72.     “Well ma'am, I do believe that I have a doctorate in history. I don't see you having anything of the sort.” Mark shot back.
  73.     “Yeah, you skipped ahead to college and look what that great decision did to your social life Mr. I'm so superior to everyone else. Oh excuse me DR. I'm so superior to everyone else." Mark looked at her, jaw wide open. No one had ever been close to beating Mark when it came to words.
  74.     "Oh I'm so sorry madam. Did I offend you damsel in distress. I am so sorry," Mark replied dripping with sarcasm.
  75.     "I'm worried I may have offended YOU." the girl asked with a mock expression on her face.
  76.     "How rude of me not to ask your name though. Would you do me the extreme pleasure of saying it." Mark shot back.
  77.     "Mary. What's yours? Is it Sir Dork a Lot, excuse me Dr. Dork a Lot." Mary grinned.
  78.     "Mark Jennet," Mark replied, "and I'm a black belt in karate, 3rd dan in ju jitsu, and a black belt in tae kwondo."
  79.     "Well, I would stay and chat, but if you hadn't noticed, the bell has rung. I am going home now, but you may stay here as long as you like, staring at me like an idiot." With that, Mary left the classroom.
  80.     Mark picked up his stuff, and left the classroom. He started walking to the front door, but heard a scream. He looked to the right quickly, and saw Mary being attacked by a couple of kids. 8th graders. They loved tormenting seventh graders, though Mark had never seen these eighth graders.
  81.     "What do you think you're doing?" Mark asked the eighth graders.
  82.     "Why don't you get lost scrub," the biggest eighth grader spat in his face. Mark's fist quickly connected with the guy's face. He staggered back a bit, clutching his bleeding nose. The three other guys started walking up to Mark, but Mark was ready for them. Mark took one of them, and twisted his arm around his back shoving him to the floor. He briefly saw another one of the guys fall to the ground holding his dislocated jaw in pain.
  83.     "What, you're not the only one who's great at martial arts," Mary said simply. Together they took out the last guy with a synchronized kick to the chest.
  84.     "What is going on here? Who are these people?" the principal asked as she walked up to them.
  85.     "I thought they were eighth graders," Mary replied.
  86.     "Not our eighth graders," the principal said, "I want some answers now."
  87.     "We have come for the children, and nothing will get in our way," the biggest one said. The three on the floor got up, and pulled out knives.
  88.     "Watch out!" Mary yelled as the mysterious people charged towards them. Mark punched one in the gut, twisting to avoid the knife. He then kicked the person in the jaw, and brought his elbow on the guy's throat hard. he then punched him in the face a few times, until he was satisfied that the next time he would wake up, it would be in a hospital room.
  89.     Mary had just finished up two other guys and clapped her hands together, clearly satisfied that they would be down for a while.
  90.     "Seriously, will SOMEBODY tell me what's going on?" Principal McHuggins asked. At that moment, a huge flash of light blinded everyone's eyes, and the next thing Mark knew, he was in some type of ship with a random guy flying it.
  91.     "Err, where am I?" Mark asked the guy flying the ship.
  92.     "AHH!" the guy screamed when he noticed that Mark was on the ship.
  93.     "Wait a sec, where's Mary?" Mark asked, completely ignoring the guy's screaming. Mark looked down, and saw Mary confused on the ground. Coincidently, they were heading to the ground. They landed on the ground, and Mark went over to Mary.
  94.     "You okay?" Mark asked her.
  95.     "Yeah, I'm fine."Mary replied. Suddenly the light was back, and they were once again gone.
  96. Matthew looked at all of this with a puzzled look. What just happened, Matthew asked himself. Then he remembered that his friend had crashed and was possibly dead, and Matthew started searching for him.
  97.     "LUKE! LUKE WHERE ARE YOU?" Matthew called out. He looked around, and then saw a couple of men in suits dragging Luke away.
  98.     "HEY! Where are you taking him?" Matthew asked. The men glanced at each other, and put him in a jeep and started to drive away. Matthew started running after them, but realized chasing them was a vain attempt, so hopped in the nearest jeep he could find, and started driving it. Luckily, someone had forgotten to take the keys out of the car.
  99.     "GIVE MY FRIEND BACK!" Matthew yelled to the two men. Matthew didn't want to risk shooting the vehicle, as he was afraid it would blow up, and kill his friend if he wasn't already dead. After about half an hour of driving, the jeep finally entered a huge tunnel. Matthew followed them into the tunnel, but was stopped by some security guards.
  100.     "Sorry sir, but you will have to wait here while they unload your friend. Would you like some tea?" Matthew just stared at them as if they had offered to take him to a convention filled with evil villains. Matthew raised his Y14, and shot at them, but the shot just fizzled away into nothingness.
  101.     "You may go in now," the guard said, not at all fazed that he had just been shot at. Cautiously, Matthew drove into the building. Just as the gates closed, Matthew realized that it probably wasn't the best idea to go into a building filled with security guards that couldn't be killed. It also occurred to him that instead of following the jeep around, he could've just shot the tire. Well, it was too late for any of that now.
  102.     Matthew got out of the jeep, and started to walk. He came upon a huge throne, which held the person most of Robloxia had come to despise. The leader of The Vaktovian Empire.
  103.     "Vaktus," Matthew spit out the name. "Give me back my friend, or you'll be in for a world full of pain."
  104.     "Do you honestly think that you can hurt me. One word, and I send a thousand soldiers to WIJ to take over," Vaktus replied steely.
  105.     "Do you really think you can defeat WIJ? VAK is already weak, and WIJ is one of the strongest nations there is. VAK would be destroyed in a matter of seconds," Matthew spat back.
  106.     "I shall feast upon thy soul; and then upon thy flesh. ;I shall send thee to worlds unspeakable in all their horrific majesty. ;Mortal fool! Let thy thirst of pain forever be eternally quenched. ;Then one who seeks such wickedness will truly know what lurks beyond thy vision. ;Forever wander, unknown soul," Vaktus said, his eyes glowing, "I am the Great Old One. Master of Masters, the Deliverer of Darkness, the Shogun of Sorrow!"
  107.     "Okay..." Matthew said thinking, This guy is a loon. Matthew looked around, and realized he was in VAK's Invasion Dispachment Hub. Matthew secretly started recording the place with his phone. He decided he would probably put it on YouTube later.
  108.     "If you ever want to see your friend again," Vaktus growled, "you will steal an artifact from the leaders I am about to say. Castellian of The Grand Imperium,"
  109.     "Err sorry, but I can't," Matthew interrupts, " TGI are sort of allies with WIJ, so that can't be done."
  110.     "Shut up!" Vaktus yelled, "You will do as I tell you, or you and your friend will face annihilation! I order you to also get an artifact from SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX of FEAR. I mean, who has a name like that? He must have had some messed up parents. Oh, and for your outbreak, I am now requiring you to kill a leader of a small RP Clan," Vaktus shuddered. "I hate RP."
  111.     "Vaktus, has anyone ever told you how weird you are," Matthew asked.
  112.     "I am not weird! I shall feast upon thy soul; and then upon thy flesh..."
  113.     "Yeah, whatever. Give me a sec. I'm going to post on Twitter #Vaktusbeingweird."
  114.     " Stop it now!" Vaktus yelled.
  115.     "Stop what?" Matthew asked innocently.
  116.     "Stop bullying me!" Vaktus screamed. Matthew started laughing.
  117.     " That is it!" Vaktus' eyes glowed red and, and Matthew saw things. Unspeakable things. Matthew laughed.
  118.     "Fine! Just stop laughing and listen to me or I'll kill your friend just like I killed your brother!" Matthew stopped laughing. It all made sense now. Susa was a division of VAK. That meant VAK had killed his brother. Matthew silently promised that one day, he would destroy Vaktus. That's when Vaktus started chuckling.
  119.     "I can't believe you still don't know..." Vaktus muttered.
  120.     "Anyways, I..." An explosion shook the Dispachment Hub. A troop of STs had injured Matthew's desperate call.
  121.     "You... No matter. All I have to do is get one of my other soldiers to do this. Or maybe... Yes. I'll get her to do it. For now, bye." Vaktus barely got away before the STs charged in. Matthew shot all of the Vakkie troops who had charged into the room.
  122.     "We need to get my friend, Luke," Matthew said, starting to run. The STs looked shocked. No trooper ever treated ST like that.
  123.     "Hey kid, stop," an ST yelled, angrily.
  124.     "I'm sorry, Your Excellencies," Matthew said with a mock bow. He ran out of the Dispachment Hub, leaving the STs in complete shock. Matthew ran to the jail, and shot the keypad. The door popped open, and Luke stumbled out dizzily.
  125.     "Kid!" a girl ST yelled.
  126.     "Got the STs angry at you?" Luke asked.
  127.     "Yep," Matthew replied.
  128.     "Good job," Luke smirked. That's when the first wave of Vakkie troops started to come in.
  129.     "Why aren't they at VAKDonalds right now?" Luke asked.
  130.     "Don't know, but they're about to get a fistful of hurt," Matthew said. Matthew took the nearest Vakkie, and punched him in the stomach. He took the Vakkie's small knife from him, and stabbed him with it in a vital point in the neck. Matthew pushed him down, then turned to the next.
  131.     "Kid," the girl ST yelled. She threw a SWD at him, and he caught it swiftly. She also threw a Y14.
  132.     "Thanks, but my name's Matthew," he said as he kicked a Vakkie, then sliced him in half. Matthew took a quick swig of Space Juice he had in a metal canteen on his belt, then threw it at Vakkie.
  133.     "Hey Matthew," Luke said as they were fighting, "I heard something about The Rebolt"
  134.     "You did?" Matthew asked after punching a Vakkie in the gut.
  135.     "Yeah, I heard Vaktus talking about them. And the Insurgent." Matthew stopped cold. Memories flashed through his head. Matthew and Luke had had another friend named Mary. The three of them had gone to the beach when the Insurgent attacked. The three tried to hold off the Insurgent before the STs came. The STs were in their line of view when one Insurgent tried to kill a little baby. Mary ran for the baby and took her to safety. She had just put the baby down when she was stabbed. She fell. Dead instantly.
  136.     After that day, Matthew and Luke searched for information. They learned the group that had attacked were called the Insurgent, and were made up of rogue WIJ soldiers. They had also learned about The Rebolt, a group with religious beliefs and a power that no enemy could match. Many WIJians didn't know about them, but WIJHICOM has been in a secret Code Red state ever since the planet Indigo-4 had been lost.
  137.     "Are you sure that's what they were talking about?" Matthew asked.
  138.     "Yeah, but that's not even the scariest part. They're scheduled for arrival here in a few hours," Luke said. A rumbling shook the Dispachment Hub.
  139.     "Or maybe they're here now," Matthew said.
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