aaronfranke Avali written description and reference (SFW)

Feb 23rd, 2022 (edited)
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  1. aaronfranke Avali written description and reference (SFW)
  3. * Reference sheet:
  4. * 3D model I made based on the Rosavali:
  6. All of these details are in agreement with the reference sheet, but they are also written for clarity.
  7. * Name: Aaron
  8. * Species: Avali
  9. * Gender: Male
  10. * Height: 95cm (I like micro, but if my character isn't micro I expect it to be very close to 95cm).
  11. * Proportions:
  12. - Longer-than-average neck (compared to an average avali).
  13. - Longer-than-average ears (compared to an average avali).
  14. - Longer-than-average legs (compared to an average avali).
  15. - Well-defined and larger-than-average feet, meaning they shouldn't just be toes at the end of the legs and blend into the legs, instead they should be distinct.
  16. - Note: An alternative way to think about parts being longer-than-average is to imagine them being thinner-than-average and the other parts smaller than average.
  17. * Colors:
  18. - Body: Two-tone gray with green stripe. Dark gray is #78807a (135 deg hue, 6% saturation, 50% value), light gray is #9ca69e (135 deg hue, 6% saturation, 65% value), green stripe is #24d433 (125 deg hue, 83% saturation, 83% value).
  19. - Wing feathers: Two-tone gray with green stripe. The green stripe should be roughly in the middle of the wing feathers such that the gray colors are split about 50/50 between light and dark. Do NOT add any spots, because canonically males have bands and females have spots/speckles.
  20. - Interior color (mouth etc): Purple #b16ad4 (280 deg hue, 50% saturation, 83% value).
  21. - Pawpads: Thin dark gray pawpads on both hands and feet #545955 (135 deg hue, 6% saturation, 35% value).
  22. - Claws: Small dark gray claws on both hands and feet #545955 (135 deg hue, 6% saturation, 35% value).
  23. - Of course, if there is shading, the actual colors in the image will be different after shading is applied.
  24. * 3 fingers, 3 toes. NO dewclaw (the extra small claw on birds on the ankle). It's just my subjective opinion that dewclaws look stupid.
  25. * Scutes: None on the arms/hands, some on the legs/feet, green.
  26. * Eyes: Circle Avali eyes, gray sclera, green iris (see this image
  27. * Chest fluff: A good amount.
  28. * Don't be afraid to make it fluffy (well, feathery fluff).
  29. * Existing SFW art for reference:
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