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  1. Posting this on behalf my mother, Udayani Weerasinghe.
  3. I am so happy to hear this is the 40th year of Mahamaya Nature Club.
  4. I was in the Nature Club committee as the president from 1985 to 1986 and Sagarika Wimalasena was the secretary. Mrs Abeywikkrama was our mentor and pioneer of the nature club. We could do so many challenging activities inside and outside the school with great advice and support from her.
  5. We really enjoyed the nature club work and it was wonderful memorable era at the school.
  7. I would like to list here some of the activities that come to my memories to share with our young nature club lovers.
  8. Key things that we have done:
  10. *Re-vegetation at school ground using native trees and shrubs. I hope they grown well!
  11. * Prepared botanical name labels/boards for school garden plants. Did someone replace them again???
  12. * Created “Medicinal Plant Garden” by planting traditional ayuruvedic plants.
  13. * Launched the “Sobasarana” wall magazine (bitththi sagarawa). We got great responds from students (articles, poem, drawing about nature) for each week. Sudharma was our editor of the Sobasarana. Is it still active??
  14. * Organised inter school competitions. It was fun!
  15. I remembered lots of schools participated for this. We organised prize giving at our school and invited all the winners and the Central Environmental Authority representatives.
  16. * Nature club members actively participated various conservation events and exhibitions organised by the different authorities or schools. We helped for Kandy Lake restoration activities.
  17. * Sagarika and I did presentations at different occasions about plants and nature protection. I don't remember the titles.
  18. * The nature club committee made a school model. We made the whole school using cardboard models. It was challenging and took many…...days.
  21. We really enjoyed all these activities. It was such a wonderful period. Non of above work have been possible without continuous support and advice from Mrs Abeywikkrama. Thank you teacher!
  22. I wish to walk in the school ground together with her and all the friends who worked together to achieved these and celebrate the beautiful grown trees.
  23. Please forgive me for not mentioning all the names of supporters who helped to keep the nature club active and alive.
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