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  1. The narcissists early core group of users won: They kept Sansar small for themselves.
  2. They chased away most of the would be users and creators, and slowly vetted only those who would buy into their bs.
  3. This means the platform grew by 1 or 2 people a month.
  4. Even in their own special group, publicly they proclaim "We love Sansar, we love each other, we fam!" and behind closed doors and in private conversations, when they thought that person was on their side, or lending an agreeing ear, they were busy trashing Sansar.
  5. The amount of two-faced psychopathy observed on this platform is not a surprise that it contributed to Sansar VR  failing.
  6. They want to deny it, but the early adopter groups, notoriously known on many growing platforms of all types as "The Fanbois", completely destroyed all community and happiness. How pathetic.
  7. It is truly disappointing that those of us who cared, simply didn't have the status that they did (Because we don't suck staff member's cocks) to attract cool users and fellow creators that could have diluted their power there.
  8. Hey, they won. GG. Now everyone loses when Sansar VR closes up for good.
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