16/02/2017 - KTOS

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  1. 16/02/2017 - KTOS Live Maintenance
  4. ▣ Updates
  6. [Changes]
  8. Guild:
  9.     - The [Defeat Boss Monsters] Guild events feature will be temporarily suspended.
  10.     - This has been done in order to fix a related bug, apologies for the inconvenience. We will inform users again via a notice once it has been fixed.
  13. 【Events】
  15. [Event: The Kingdoms Lost Treasure]
  17. Event Period:
  18.     - 14/02/2017 -> 07/03/2017 ※ The event ending schedule is subject to changes.
  19.     - Once a day, you can obtain a special quest from the Event NPC(Kedoran Merchant Alliance)
  20.     - they can be found in Klaipeda, Orsha & Fedimian.
  21.     (Event Page KR:
  24. 【Skill】
  26. Hunter:
  27.     Coursing:
  28.         - Skill Description added: If the attack is on another player, the duration of the holding effect is halved.
  30. Rogue:
  31.     Backstab:
  32.         - Skill description added: Attacking enemies from behind will deal additional damage.
  34. 【Item】
  35. (QuarrelShoter) Stone Pellet - Item weight has been changed to 1.
  36. (Inquisitor) Wheel of Judgement - Item weight has been changed to 1.
  37. (Taoist) Strange Yellow Paper - Item weight has been changed to 1.
  38. Goddess' Blessed Cube - The sound effects generated will differ depending on the grade of items obtained.
  40. ▣ Bug Fixes
  42. Chronomancer:
  43.     Backmasking:
  44.         - Fixed issue where this skill wasn't able to revive members who had died in battle.
  46. Sage:
  47.     Missile Hole:
  48.         - Fixed issue with the number of blocks remaining not updating.
  50. Archer:
  51.     General Fix:
  52.         - Fixed issue where missile attacks could not trigger the effect of the minotaur card.
  53.         - Sometimes the first attack on a target would not show any messages such as dodge/block.
  55. Ranger:
  56.     Steady Aim:
  57.         - Fixed issue where this skill was only applying half of its effects to the Barbed Arrow skill.
  59. Wugushi:
  60.     Jincan Gu:
  61.         - Fixed issue where insects exploding would cause sorcerer's summoning pet to disappear.
  63. Monk:
  64.     Energy Blast:
  65.         - Fixed issue where if you cancel this skill via jumping whilst charging, you become unable to use goddess statues.
  67. 【Quest】
  69. And, Eternal Repose (3) - Fixed issue where you could not move to Siokas area in the Dingofasil District map after quest completion.
  70. Restraining the Criminal - Fixed issue with being unable to obtain fragments for the inhibitor devices.
  71. Merchant's Lost Wares - Fixed the issue that occured where players were unable to obtain the quest item drop if a member in the party was not on the same quest.
  74. 【Item】
  75. Marrone - Tooltip typo fixed
  76. Feather headdress - fixed issue with the item being overwritten by hair accessory 1 slot items.
  77. Sorting Items - Fixed issue with the sorting items by grade not working correctly.
  78. Rubabos Gem - Fixed issue with gem displaying a different monster icon
  79. Cockatrice Gem - Fixed issue with gem displaying a different monster icon
  80. Loxodon Gems - Fixed issue with gem displaying a different monster icon. Corrected name of items
  81. Lolopanther, Solmiki Musket - Fixed issue with the gear being worn not increasing skill level.
  82. Alchemist's Stone - Fixed issue with items not being visible when put in warehouse. fixed tool-tip not being displayed when moused over.
  84. 【Graphic, UI & Sound】
  86. Fixed issue where if Sadhu's Transmit Prana stats were not whole numbers, the information about the stats added would not appear in the UI.
  87. Fixed issue with stacking token effects in the character settings UI after using an event token when the player already has an existing normal token effect applied.
  88. Fixed issue where overall map exploration percentage was not being updated in the adventure journal UI.
  89. Fixed issue where attacking with the Istora Revolver caused the player's hair (Natural Ponytail) to break.
  90. Fixed hairstyle clipping issue with the Upstyle Hair & the Butterfly Hat.
  91. Fixed issue where the character's face &  hairstyle would break  when the player casts Pole of Agony.
  92. Fixed bug where even after skipping the opening cutscene, the sound that comes from the cutscene would still play.
  93. Fixed sound bug that occured when casting Pain Barrier as a female swordsman.
  95. 【Other Changes】
  96. Fixed issue with the auto-matching button occasionally not responding.
  97. Fixed problem where changing buttons in GameSettings → Key-Settings → Battle shortcut keys weren't working.
  98. Fixed issue with skill-slots locking after changing maps.
  99. Fixed issue where high level companion's max hp was reduced when riding them, causing a constant regen tick effect to appear consistently over the companions head after riding.
  100. Fixed issue that caused party members to experience client errors when warping to a shared completed quest.
  101. Fixed issue where loading screen & mouse couldn't be seen after moving locations with the UI turned off.
  102. Fixed issue where you could not put the companion in a passive state.
  105. Source Post:
  106. Translation by Gwenyth @TOS Forums
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