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  1. Pregame:
  2. - Manual subs so all the medals stay in the right spots and shit. Best conditioned players.
  3. - Footedness autism: Leftmost CB should be a left footed one (Florida Man, Bald Eagle, Most American Gif) and the rightmost CB right footed (Burgers, Syria Was Asking For It, Miracle On Ice).
  4. - Whoever the LMF is should be taking left corner kicks, whoever the RMF is should be taking right corner kicks. Set 2x World War Champions to join the attack.
  6. During match:
  7. - If trailing at halftime, go +1.
  8. - Subs at 65'.
  9. - If leading at sub time: switch to preset 2, sub in a nonmedal DMF. Go to neutral mentality if not already there.
  10. - If trailing or tied at sub time: switch to preset 3, sub in Andrew Jackson. Go to +1 if not already there.
  11. - If still trailing at 80', immediately set Captain America to join the attack and go +2.
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