Adam hits the ground running

May 9th, 2012
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  1. Adam writes... Help PLEASE!
  4. I've been watching JP shows since I found LAS in August. I enjoy TechSNAP even though I'm not a sysadmin, but my job at a tech start-up is making me one...
  6. The current situation:
  8. A couple years ago, when strapped for cash, the previous "sys admin" set-up a server consisting of Ubuntu 10.04 installed on an old desktop workstation which was sold at auction for the local university. There are also about 5 workstations running Ubuntu 10.04 which use NFS to mount their home directories from the server, and it also mounts a folder that is accessible through the web for testing sites and downloading each other's APKs.
  10. Though we have moved most production app stuff to godaddy servers, there are still a few legacy dependencies on this destined-to-fail server. We currently avoid going near it in fear of killing it.
  12. What I need help on:
  14. Now that our company has become more stable, there are plans to substantially upgrade this. We are looking into getting a couple blade servers for a currently empty server rack we have laying around. Like I said, I'm nowhere as knowledgeable as I should be for planning this upgrade; could you help a guy out? Point me to some links or books? I don't even know what to Google for this.
  16. I can't help feel there's some massive security risks with how we're currently set up, and I don't want to make any rookie mistakes.
  18. Thanks guys,
  19. Adam
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