Unfamiliar Language Project

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  1. Overview
  3. Before you begin this project, you should select your group members (at least 2, no more than 4) and a language and have these both approved by the instructor.
  5. In addition to your presentation, you must develop a simple program demonstrating what you've learned about your chosen language. If you wish to do a different problem from any of those listed below, feel free to develop your own problem specification (follow those below as a model), and I may accept it and add it to the list below, or request that you make some changes to it first. Please submit any such proposals early.
  6. Procedure
  8. You will also have a google preentation shared with you in which you must develop your slides. You are required to use these resources as you develop your project. Your instructor will keep tabs on your progress. You do not need to turn in any files via this assignment. Your instructor will gather your final submission from these shares.
  9. Presentation
  11. Develop a slide deck for your presentation. Each student should spend approximately equal time presenting (it doesn't need to be exact). Plan on about  10-15 minutes for your presentation time. Your presentation should explore important and unique aspects of your chosen language, using brief examples to illustrate the language features you discuss (use small snippets of code and large font for these examples). You must ground your presentation in the general language concepts you've learned throughout the semester, and should use Java and Python as points of reference to distinguish your language.
  13. Your presentation should directly answer these questions about the program you develop:
  15.     What is the purpose of your program (what kind of problem will it solve)
  16.     What would an example usage scenario look like for your program (provide a demonstration)
  17.     How did you make use of the features of your language
  18.     In what ways was your chosen language well suited to your chosen problem and in what ways was it poorly suited?
  20. Possible Programming Problems
  22.     Significant and unique algorithm implementation
  23.     Simple game
  24.     Simple Web application involving form processing and / or a database
  25.     3D Graphics demonstration
  26.     Simple GUI-driven desktop application
  28. What to Turn In
  30. Make sure this content is available in the shared google slides document. Apart from that, please submit a brief message to me via this assignment outlining what aspects of the project you completed individually and what you completed hand-in-hand with your partner or partners. Grades on the rubric may be adjusted for group members who did most of the work or relatively little of the work. It is your responsibility to ensure you are contributing to the project individually.
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