Buying a Vita FAQ

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  1. >Do I want OLED/does it matter
  2. If yes, go for the 1001 models and earlier.  These come with a proprietary charger port & OLED screen that may or may not be your fancy I don't know because my eyes are shit so it's not like I can appreciate in the first place.  These models are also wifi & 3G, depending on which type you get.  Be sure to ask.  The 1001 models are thicker, weigh a little more, and have silver outlines on most of the body.
  4. If no, go for the slims (2001 & later).  These are micro usb chargeable, all black, LCD screen that allegedly gives a yellow ting but again—eyesight is shit so I don't personally care.  These are wifi only and the battery life is supposed to be improved from the earlier versions.  They're also lightweight as hell and are entirely black w/o custom skin.
  6. >Should I into a big memory card?
  7. At the MINIMUM, get a 16gb card.  Cards are expensive, you don't have a choice.  Sony made proprietary bullshit and reaps the windfall from that fact.  16gb saves you later on impulse buying from sales.  The thing you want to ask yourself is this:
  9. >Do I want digital only?
  10. If Yes - spend the extra $100 and get a 64gb card (cheaper if you happen across a nignog deal on craigslist)
  12. If No, stick with the 16 and upgrade later only if absolutely necessary.  In the case of running a second or third account, you WILL need a second (or third) memory card)
  14. >But Vita is region free
  15. Not completely.  Sony fucked customers.  Your accounts are tied to your memory cards.  If you're only running one account, then this means all of dick to you and you can ignore.  If you plan on partaking of DLC or digital games from a different region store (EU, HK, JPN), then what you'll need is an additional memory card specifically for that region & account.  Instructions on how to switch accounts on your Vita without fucking up trophies or locking permissions on your account (thus having to go through Sony CS helpdesk) are here:
  21. >Anything else to know?
  22. If you're buying PSX games, you'll want the Controller port option thingy that gives you access to the L2 and R2 buttons.  iirc Play-Asia sells them.
  24. Hunt for a good case.  Most recommends I've seen are for the following case and game case set here:
  28. With cartridge/memory card cases here:
  32. I can vouch for the Nykos.  The carts are snug in their slots and don't jumble when I move about, and it's good for when you want to carry four games or so on you (it holds up to 8 with two slots for four memory cards).  It's also a small thing that, if you have a carry case with a single net (a lot of cases like to seam them in the middle), you can toss 2 Nykos in with no fitting issues and be just fine.
  35. Absolute must.  Sony-branded ones are actually the best.  No stick, no blur from heavy usage.  Had mine on for almost a year now and screen is still clear as day, and I use my Vita heavily.
  39. You can probably pick these up much cheaper at Wal-Mart or Target or someshit.  They're almost always on clearance because lol who carries Vita products anymore.
  41. >What about PSTV?
  42. Pick one up while they're in the $40 range.  They basically do everything your Vita does except for the camera function and the touch screen function.  The downscale is just that: touchscreen.  There are games that rely heavy on this function that will not play well on a PSTV, and there are a healthy amount of titles that the PSTV will refuse to play.  But if you want a 720 experience while at home, it's a good investment.
  44. >What about protective/custom cases?
  45. This one I'm not sure on.  AmiAmi might have answers, or other people in the thread.  This is the majority of what I know.
  47. >What about wallpapers?
  48. Follow instructions below to make your own cool shit, use the browser to save, set it in the settings tab, enjoy.
  50. >open 1080p wallpaper in gimp
  51. >increase layer/canvas size by 8 pixels in the vertical direction
  52. >scale down 50%
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