Castle Chamber Update Log

Oct 24th, 2018
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  1. Castle Chamber Update Log:
  2. Changes in alpha 0.3
  3. - Added world 3 and it's own boss
  4. - Added a new door in the hub. You can access your stats and a secret option
  5. - Added a new item called floppy disk.
  6. - Added a secret zone in world 1 for the floppy disk, I will create the rest in a future patch.
  7. - Added an attempt counter, when you die, it will count one more. It will reset when saving, loading your game, or even changing the world.
  8. - Added some more enemies for world 3.
  9. - Added a quit button for each room, if you simply want to quit, this not saves the game.
  10. - Added floor that can be trespassed from back
  11. - Added music for the title screen
  12. - Changed the skills of Mark and Dave a little.
  13. - Changed the name of W1-6 from (Hello hell) to (Hello h*ll)
  14. - Bugfix #001: Turret in boss 2 is rotated, so will kill you when completing the boss.
  15. - Bugfix #002: W2-7's locked blue door is open from the start.
  16. - Bugfix #003: Title screen background is moved improperly.
  17. - Removed Herobrine.
  18. There isn't any registry of changes before Alpha 0.3
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