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Jan 9th, 2017
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  2. Daily, or weekly if things get messy, I will post some 2-post-long or maybe less, posts of green. Pretty random things, if you ask me. Butter Cookies and Cream will be on hold until I try to escape from my block. Enjoy these short pieces of... uh... i don't know, it has sanity... i guess?
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  4. Now, they will always have a title, and you can always Ctrl+F or F3 the title of it. They will be always adressed with a title and the pony of choice chosen for the green, so it is easier to find. (they'll be in chronological posting order so get your asses ready)
  5. -------------------
  6. »Distressed Choice of Naming (Aloe and Lotus (Spa ponies))
  7. »Night...mares? +WIP+ (Nightmare Moon)
  8. --------------------------
  9. -Distressed Choice of Naming (Aloe and Lotus (Spa ponies))
  10. ----
  11. DISCLAIMER: I hadn't explicitly showed who they were on the green, but I can assure it's the spa ponies. Sorry for that.
  12. ------
  13. >Two little ponies
  14. >One is blue, one is pink.
  15. >They didnt come with a name, so you called them Pinky and Blush.
  16. >Pinky likes the name you gave to her, and smiles back in gratitude.
  17. >Blush doesn't.
  18. >Blush frowns and looks away.
  19. >Pretty sure she doesn't like her name.
  20. >So you think of another name for Blush.
  21. >What can it be...?
  22. >Oh yes!
  23. >Blinky!
  24. >Now Blinky likes her brand-new name.
  25. >Downside is, Blinky has a small extra bit of self-esteem.
  26. >It means she'd brag about her super-duper-ass-spanking name, therefore making Pinky jealous.
  27. >Pinky did not like that.
  28. >She would wince and hold her ears down as to not hear her rambling about her name.
  29. >Now Pinky wants a better name, so she could be at the same level as her sister.
  30. >You knew where this was going.
  31. >"No Pinky, I can't think of anything better."
  32. >Whoops! That made Pinky upset.
  33. >Now they're arguing about who has the best name.
  34. >"My name has more letters than yours, so it's better than yours." said Blinky.
  35. >"My name reminds people of lollipops, and tasty lollipops, so mine is better!" Pinky shouted.
  36. >And they kept discussing that for a while.
  37. >But all of a sudden...
  38. >Both look at you, then look at themselves, then back at you.
  39. >This is going to be a whole game show by the looks of it.
  40. >"Master, care to tell us, who has the best name?"
  41. >Gulping down saliva, you let out a small worried laughter.
  42. >This is something that will end bad, very bad.
  43. >But for the fun of it, you'll let the chaos descend...
  44. >With an ear to ear grin, you carefully say, modulating each syllable...
  45. "...Pinky."
  46. ---------------
  47. -Night...mares? (Nightmare Moon)
  48. ---------------
  49. //Really. Wait for it.
  50. ---------------
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