Goat Girl on a road trip (one shot)

harblador Apr 12th, 2014 (edited) 1,715 Never
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  1. >GWEEEH!
  2. Capra was on the roof again. Why did I take her on a road trip? This is the stupidest thing I've ever done.
  3. >Get down from there!
  4. She's chewing on the antenna.
  5. >Just stop it already and come down!
  6. I had thought she'd enjoy a nice drive in the moors. I was wrong. She's obviously stressed out to her limits, but her stupid pride won't let her admit it. Somehow it lets her bleat and scream and climb all over the car. I'll ever understand monster girls.
  8. I've just about had enough of this. I grab her by the hoof and try to pull her down. She clings to the other side of the roof and screams like a maniac.
  9. >AAAAAAaaaa!
  10. >Let's just go home already! Just sit in the car and we'll go home!
  11. >AAAAAAaaaaaa!
  12. She kicks me in the face with her other hoof. As I groan on the ground, she repositions herself on the car. I slowly stand up.
  13. >Why won't you listen!? The trip will never end if you don't let me drive us home!
  14. She spits in my face.
  15. >GWEH.
  16. >I'll divorce you.
  17. >AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaa~!
  18. She looks like she's on the verge of tears.
  19. >Just get in the car.
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