Together Forever

Mar 28th, 2015
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  4. >Twilight shakes her head, putting down the fifth book of the night.
  5. >She quickly realized that Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns wasn't as glamorous as in her fantasies. In practical terms, it means a significant increase in her workload.
  6. >Take the books in front of her, for instance.
  7. >Teleportation. It's an advanced spell usually reserved for adults, and Twilight, only a student for a few years, is epxected to learn oit by the end of the month.
  8. >She sighs, looking at the clock.
  9. >9:34 a.m.
  10. >Shit, she's late.
  11. >Twilight looks back over the books.
  12. >Well, Celestia did suggest she practice.
  13. >Twilight lights her horn, pictures Celestia's study room, takes a deep breath, and casts the teleportation spell.
  14. > * BAMF *
  15. >The first sign that something has gone wrong comes immediately upon her arrival. As she arrives, she expands outwards from a single point, and there is a feeling of resistance as she does so.
  16. >The next clue was the darkness, then the warmth, then the steady thumping noise.
  17. >Suddenly, Twilight hears Celestia's voice, somewhat muffled, but amusement clear in her tone.
  18. >"The increase in the power and range of your teleport spell over the years has been impressive, Twilight. However, I fear your targeting still needs a bit of work."
  19. >Twilight is slightly relieved to hear Celestia's voice. Now the problem is just getting her attention. The problem comes from the fluid that seems to have begun to pool around her.
  20. "Mmmf! Mff, mmph-mmf!!"
  21. >Twilight definitely hopes that managed to get her point across.
  22. >"Now, now. If I just *let* you out, how would you learn anything?"
  23. >This is not good. By now, Twilight has already cast an oxygen-conservation spell, but it can't hold her forever, so she has to think fast.
  24. >She realizes she seems to have teleported inside Celestia's body. Probably the womb, judging by the size and the lack of digestive juices. And if it is indeed Celestia's womb, that means there's an ample supply of oxygen available, as soon as she can figure out how to tap into it.
  25. >Beginning to panic from lack of oxygen, desperate not to drown in her teacher's uterus, Twilight casts a scar-healing spell on her own belly button, causing a tingling sensation as an umbilical cord begins to sprout from it, a sensation she barely notices over her lightheadedness.
  26. >Fortunately, she manages to complete the spell before she passes out.
  27. >
  28. >Some time later, Twilight wakes back up, shaking herself to full consciousness.
  29. >The fact that she's still alive tells her that the connection was a success, a clever solution that she can't help but feel slightly proud of.
  30. >Twilight proceeds to light her horn to investigate her situation further moving on to the next problem: escape.
  31. >The first thing Twilight notices is that in the time she was unconscious, she's grown not just an umbilical cord, but a placenta and amniotic sac as well. This is interesting, but perhaps not surprising when given a second thought.
  32. >The second, much more worrying fact becomes clear once Twilight takes a good look around: she can't find Celestia's cervix.
  33. >She knows she must be in Celestia's womb from the texture of the muscles, around her, and she can just make out the holes where the fallopian tubes begin, but on the other side, where her studies tell her she should find the cervix, there was just…
  34. >the placenta.
  35. >Shit.
  36. >Twilight's heartrate increases. The very thing keeping her alive, frantically created in a desperate last-second attempt to prevent her from drowning in her own amniotic fluid, is blocking her only exit.
  37. >This is very bad. She has to figure out some way of communicating her predicament to Celestia; hopefully she can figure out a solution.
  38. >Twilight scans her mental library of spells, but doesn't come up with anything, so she resorts to kicking out an SOS.
  39. >No response, so you try progressively harder kicks.
  40. >When Celestia first answers, it's her voice is groggy, as if she's just woken up.
  41. >"Twilight, I already told you to figure this out for yourself. You haven't suffocated, so you're obviously clever."
  42. >Now is *not* the time to Celestia to try to turn a mistake into a "teachable moment". Twilight continues to kick insistently until Celestia gives in.
  43. >"Oof! Okay, fine!" Celestia lights her horn, establishing a telepathic link between the two of them. "What seems to be the problem, my faithful student?"
  44. "Once I teleported inside, I managed to cast a healing spell on my navel, so I grew an umbilical cord to supply me with oxygen."
  45. >"Ah, yes, I did notice the sudden drain on my systems, but it didn't take long for me to adapt. A quick thinking, and a very creative solution to the problem at horn. So what's the problem?"
  46. "I, um… I kind of… passed out… before I could guide it on where to attatch, so when the placenta formed, it… well, if covered up your cervix, Celestia."
  47. >Silence.
  48. "Celestia?"
  49. >Celestia clears her throat. "Yes, that certainly could be a problem. I apologize for not listening earlier."
  50. "Now what?"
  51. >Celestia sighs. "I'm afraid a solution to this problem eludes even me at the moment. I will have to consult with the royal physician.
  52. >Twilight blushes heavily, and so does Celestia, but Celestia decides not to let embarrassment get the best of her and shakily stands up before waddling out the door and down the hall, making a beeline for the office of the physician.
  53. >Celestia knocks on the door before immediately opening it, closing it quickly behind her, hoping nopony saw her in her state.
  54. >The doctor, an elderly beige unicorn with a slightly frazzled gray mane, is working on some paperwork when he hear the door open. "Yes, how may…" He looks up. "Oh my, what happened?"
  55. >Celestia sighs. "Teleportation accident. My student has become trapped in my womb; could you please help get her out?"
  56. >The stallion nods, gesturing for her to follow him into a back room.
  57. >Celestia follows him, and climbs onto the bed he indicates with a nod of his head.
  58. >"Don't be embarrassed, Princess; accidents happen. Let's just get a look at your student, and we'll figure out the best treatment option."
  59. >He squirts some gel onto the pads of an ultrasound machine, places them on Celestia's belly, and switches the machine on, the screen displaying an image of Twilight, curled up in the fetal position.
  60. >The doctor moves the pads around Celestia's belly to get a clear view. "Oh dear…"
  61. >Celestia's ears flatten. "Bad news?"
  62. >The stallion sighs. "Well, the good news is that your student is perfectly healthy. The bad news is that her placenta is completely covering your cervix. Judging by the ultrasound, I'd say we're looking at a grade IV placenta previa."
  63. >Celestia sighs, Twilight's story being confirmed. "I suspected as much. Can you get her out of me?"
  64. >The stallion shakes his head in response. "Normally, a cesarean delivery would be indicated, but we've learned from experience that your alicorn physiology can respond… violently… to significant incisions."
  65. >"And a vaginal delivery is out of the question?"
  66. >The doctor nods grimly. "The placenta would need to detach before delivery could begin, leaving her with no oxygen supply. Given her size, delivery would take several hours at least, way too long for her to go without oxygen, and potentially losing blood. I assume it's not possible for her to leave the same way she got in?"
  67. >Celestia nods. "She couldn't teleport anywhere without dragging me along with her."
  68. >The stallion sighs.
  69. >Celestia's heartrate increases. "What are you saying, Dr. Panacea? What should I do?"
  70. >The stallion looks back at the monitor of the ultrasound machine. "The fact is that your student is safe and healthy at present, and there is no option for removing her that doesn't involve an unacceptable level of risk. It may not ne the answer you're looking for, but my professional opinion is that you should try to make the best of this situation you've found yourselves in, as it looks like it may need to be permanent."
  71. >The final word hits Celestia like a ton of bricks, but she manages to politely thank the stallion and leave his office, barely rememberīg to remove the paddles before climbing off of the bed.
  72. >"Did you hear him, Twilight?"
  73. "Yeah, I think so. Am I really stuck in your uterus until I die?"
  74. >Celestia shakes her head, more out of habit than anything else, but the sentiment of the gesture gets relayed to Twilight. "In a manner of speaking, yes. But keep in mind that now that you are within me, your life is sustained by the same force that has blessed me with my longevity; it is unlikely that you will die long before I do, if ever."
  75. >Twilight wants to cry.
  76. "It's not fair! I almost died, and now I have to spend eternity as an overgrown fetus‽"
  77. >Celestia rubs her belly. "You're not the only one at a disadvantage because of our predicament. I may be able to find a spell to shrink my belly somewhat, or lighten my load, but I'll still have to explain to Equestria why their monarch is suddenly and permanently with foal. If I do not tell them the truth, it will inevitably come to light anyway, and there will be scandal."
  78. "Celestia? Sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm already pretty cramped as it is. I'd rather you not give me even less room so you don't have to waddle as much."
  79. >Celestia smiles. "Oh, Twilight, I wouldn't do that to you. But I believe there are some spells I could use to shrink my womb's exterior while keeping its interior the same, or even growing it. I'm in the process of constructing some saddlebags for you that use a similar enchantment. Or, I guess I was; you don't have much need for them now."
  80. >Without thinking, Twilight tries to take a deep breath to calm her nerves, but all she gets is lungs full of amniotic fluid. Not that it's dangerous, and in fact it's probably recommended to prevent atrophy (though she might as well let her lungs atrophy at this point), but it is sudden and disconcerting.
  81. "What am I supposed to do now, just float here?"
  82. >Celestia chuckles. "Oh, I'll keep you busy, I assure you. Don't think you get out of class just because your teacher is now the school bus."
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