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  1. [16/03/2017 19:16:45] Blizzard The Lizard: prievt )
  2. [16/03/2017 19:16:58] Anastasija: hey
  3. [16/03/2017 19:17:24] Blizzard The Lizard: told you i wouldn't be long
  4. [16/03/2017 19:17:26] Blizzard The Lizard: miss needy ;0
  5. [16/03/2017 19:17:49] Anastasija: lol well i am abouth to go out we can chat if you want to ^__^
  6. [16/03/2017 19:18:00] Blizzard The Lizard: about to go??
  7. [16/03/2017 19:18:00] Anastasija: and love your hair
  8. [16/03/2017 19:18:01] Anastasija: :D
  9. [16/03/2017 19:18:02] Blizzard The Lizard: oh feel free
  10. [16/03/2017 19:18:08] Blizzard The Lizard: hehe thank you ;)
  11. [16/03/2017 19:18:20] Blizzard The Lizard: i love your women like features
  12. [16/03/2017 19:18:24] Blizzard The Lizard: not girl features
  13. [16/03/2017 19:18:27] Anastasija: Ouuu
  14. [16/03/2017 19:18:29] Anastasija: hahahahah
  15. [16/03/2017 19:18:37] Anastasija: Thanks i guess
  16. [16/03/2017 19:18:39] Blizzard The Lizard: in that photo at least
  17. [16/03/2017 19:18:42] Blizzard The Lizard: you're looking banging
  18. [16/03/2017 19:18:47] Blizzard The Lizard: and you probably have wide af hips
  19. [16/03/2017 19:18:51] Blizzard The Lizard: a real man's dream
  20. [16/03/2017 19:19:21] Anastasija: HAhah u mean a big ass?
  21. [16/03/2017 19:23:41] Anastasija: seen
  22. [16/03/2017 19:23:42] Anastasija: lol
  23. [16/03/2017 19:25:51] Blizzard The Lizard: haha yeah a big ass and a wide figure ya know
  24. [16/03/2017 19:34:21] Anastasija: Yeah
  25. [16/03/2017 19:34:42] Anastasija: sure i do i guess i never saw my self and said oh i look like so and so
  26. [16/03/2017 19:34:48] Anastasija: i think people see me better
  27. [16/03/2017 19:34:52] Anastasija: you know
  28. [16/03/2017 19:37:29] Blizzard The Lizard: Well that's part of growing up coming to realise what you are
  29. [16/03/2017 19:42:33] Anastasija: Yeah well i mean what i look like
  30. [16/03/2017 19:42:35] Anastasija: wise
  31. [16/03/2017 19:42:37] Anastasija: you know
  32. [16/03/2017 19:45:25] Blizzard The Lizard: yeah i do
  33. [16/03/2017 19:45:37] Blizzard The Lizard: you can learn more about your body over time, not just your mind
  34. [16/03/2017 19:47:36] Anastasija: Yeah i use to hate my body but i was in a dumb state of mind and i do belive people change and now i like it its not perfect but its me and since i dont worry abouth makeup and how i look all the time i look even better honestly lol :) I am happyer. I still love makeup and fashone but i can go just im my sweatpants and a hoodie with no makeup and a bun and feel awsome :)
  35. [16/03/2017 19:51:10] Blizzard The Lizard: that's good
  36. [16/03/2017 19:51:42] Anastasija: Yeah its freeing
  37. [16/03/2017 19:51:51] Anastasija: i dont know if you spell it that way
  38. [16/03/2017 19:52:02] Blizzard The Lizard:  a girl who can be confident not to wear make up is attractive
  39. [16/03/2017 19:52:07] Blizzard The Lizard: and honestly a sign of a real women
  40. [16/03/2017 19:52:35] Blizzard The Lizard: you spelt it correctly. the only issue i saw in your spelling was happyer, it is happier. you can't have two vouels next to each other
  41. [16/03/2017 19:52:49] Blizzard The Lizard: so that is why you use the i instead
  42. [16/03/2017 19:53:23] Anastasija: Thanks for that.English is not my main language so if i miss spell something or if i offend you i probbably didnt mean it that way
  43. [16/03/2017 19:54:14] Blizzard The Lizard: after being able to write such a paragraph and convey yourself well and only to have one mistake i couldn't be offended lol
  44. [16/03/2017 19:54:33] Anastasija: Aww that was sweet
  45. [16/03/2017 19:54:36] Anastasija: nicely put :)
  46. [16/03/2017 19:54:46] Blizzard The Lizard: thank you
  47. [16/03/2017 19:55:00] Blizzard The Lizard: i enjoy having a grasp upon my language to be poetic whilst typing
  48. [16/03/2017 19:55:46] Anastasija: I like inteligent conversation and i like when i have different topics to talk abouth with someone :)
  49. [16/03/2017 19:56:15] Anastasija: Its a nice feeling  A relief from the dumb people in my life hahaha
  50. [16/03/2017 20:00:04] Blizzard The Lizard: it is just that, my language use to be used in this manner, poetic.  However it has losts the soul of it a bit since it is used so much makes it diluted, i mean like at how americans talk or spell - It is horrible. I'm not that smart though, but yes we will have plenty to talk about i assure you
  51. [16/03/2017 20:00:28] Blizzard The Lizard: i love doucmentaries and opposing opinions etc so i thrive upon discussion, etc.
  52. [16/03/2017 20:01:40] Blizzard The Lizard: but yes i completely understand that feeling
  53. [16/03/2017 20:01:49] Blizzard The Lizard: i have been using places like 4chan and omegle to find people to talk to
  54. [16/03/2017 20:01:55] Blizzard The Lizard: and i started using a website called interpals
  55. [16/03/2017 20:01:59] Blizzard The Lizard: and it was like a new age
  56. [16/03/2017 20:02:03] Anastasija: That is nice to hear i actually like poetry and i use to writte it my self like a year ago all the time
  57. [16/03/2017 20:02:25] Blizzard The Lizard: i don't mean exactly poetry, i just mean talking in a way which would be like story telling
  58. [16/03/2017 20:02:32] Blizzard The Lizard: i can show you a person who i love hearing speak
  59. [16/03/2017 20:03:04] Anastasija: i used a page called friendlife and i actually met a nice guy on there we dated for like 2 years and talked for 3 and now we dont talk because long distance relathionships always end up hurting one party
  60. [16/03/2017 20:03:12] Anastasija: Sure do
  61. [16/03/2017 20:03:19] Anastasija: i would like to hear it
  62. [16/03/2017 20:03:55] Anastasija: i have a few friends from there and its cool i mean when it used to be working for live streams lol :)
  63. [16/03/2017 20:04:05] Blizzard The Lizard: oh cool, i'll have to check that one out too haha
  64. [16/03/2017 20:04:12] Blizzard The Lizard: well dating at such a young age never works
  65. [16/03/2017 20:04:15] Blizzard The Lizard: and for ldr to work properly
  66. [16/03/2017 20:04:24] Blizzard The Lizard: you need to plan to meet/move in
  67. [16/03/2017 20:04:41] Anastasija: Yeah You have to grow as a person and i was i mess i used to be what 15 at that time 16
  68. [16/03/2017 20:04:52] Blizzard The Lizard: and i bet he was way older too lol
  69. [16/03/2017 20:05:00] Anastasija: uff i didnt know anything cliny as fuck hahah
  70. [16/03/2017 20:05:25] Anastasija: He was a year older all thoe i always acted more mature so i can see why we where compatable in some ways
  71. [16/03/2017 20:05:59] Anastasija: i was gonna say : "he was a ..." but i honestly dont know what went on in his head lol
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