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  1. # Why do you want to be a staff member here, and how would you help or improve Hungry Games?
  2. #### One reason behind me wanting to become staff is that I see myself as quite a decent staff member, others may have their own opinion, I can improve the community by clearing out the cheaters and cleaning up the toxicity on the forums. I'd like to become a staff member as I feel that I fit in quite well with the community so I can help a lot of people as I'm easy to talk to and get along with most people in the community. Another reason is that I know the rules well, I know when its right to enforce them and when it is not. I would also like to prove myself and prove that I can be a good staff member and help out the server having a better future. As I have played a lot of Hunger Games in the past and Moderated one of the largest Survival Games servers I feel like I have potential to make it far on here. I would like to become a staff as this is really the only server I enjoy to play on / be apart of the community. Any other server I try to join doesn't have a community that I enjoy and I want to stay here for a long time and help out as much as I can.
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