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Sep 3rd, 2018
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  1. def f(A, B, d):
  2. for x in range(0, getWidth(A)):
  3. for x in range(0, getWidth(B)):
  4. if g(A, B, x, d):
  5. return true
  6. return false
  8. def g(A,B,k, d):
  9. for y in range(0, getHeight(B)):
  10. for y in range(0, getHeight(A)):
  11. p=getPixel(A, k, y)
  12. q=getPixel(B, k, y)
  13. s=getPixel(B, k, y+1)
  14. if distance(makeColor(getRed(p),getGreen(p),getBlue(p)), makeColor(getRed(q),getGreen(q),getBlue(q)))<=d and distance(makeColor(getRed(p),getGreen(p),getBlue(p)), makeColor(getRed(s),getGreen(s),getBlue(s)))<=d:
  15. return true
  16. return false
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