The Invaders In My Room - 21

Mar 24th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

{Inner talk / thinking}
Scene Change / Flashback

Chapter - 21 Thanks to Markues


MC licks XGF pussy.

XGF: Agh. Ugh. That's enough, isn't it? I can't stand it anymore.

MC stares at her


XGF shows him her wet pussy wide open.

XGF: Hurry, put it in! I want you to stir it up as hard as you used to do.

MC grabs her legs

MC: You don't have to look at me like that..

He penetrates her deeply.


MC: You sound like a cow.

XGF looks at him playfully.

XGF: What, are you scared? Are you still breastfed?

Angry MC bangs her harder


MC: You always had a thing for such boring places. It always troubled me, but i like seeing you like that
How is it, are you satisfied with these?

XGF: Am I the only one?
What a nonsense skill, you haven't changed, you still like shouting the same words?

MC's upset and changes XGF position, Doggy-style start!


MC: {What.. What I am doing? I just barely met you again.. I am already doing that!}

XGF: Aaah.. Alas!

She turns slightly her head and teases him.

XGF: What do you think? How is the taste of your ex-girlfriend after so long?

MC: .......

He slaps her ass, XGF shocked gets angry

XGF: What? Is it a new hobby between you and me?

MC: If you're noisy again, I'll hit the other side!

The door opens surprising MC x XGF, a staff member enters.

Staff: There.. Are you Kang Woo Hyun?

MC: Yes? Hmm.. You're working here? Well.. What is it?

Staff: The woman with whom you came is worried about you, so she asked me if anything had happened in the bathroom.

MC: Well.. I'm little sick. Don't go through in a while.

Staff: Ah yes. That's unfortunate, I will tell her that you're okay.

XGF laughs and the staff member goes out.

Staff: {Oh really.. Now i'm checking out if people are shitting.}

MC sighs, his dick is limp. Sex ended, they go out of the bathroom one after the other, XGF takes a look at SH


SH: Oh, Mister.. I'm sorry for what I did.. I was a little worried..

MC: No problem.. it's me who stay in too long..

XGF looks at them.

XGF: Who is it? I don't think it's your girlfriend...

MC notices XGF looking at him, she turns her head avoiding his gaze.

XGF: I'm sorry Minsong, did you wait too long?
There was a sudden phone call due to a performance problems.

BH: Oh.. How did it work? If you're in hurry we can meet another time.

XGF: Yeah sorry, a little mishap happened.

MC keeps staring at XGF.

SH: Well, lets starts the works. Let me see. I'll explain again the main character to you.

MC's House

FMC looks at a recipe book.

FMC: Shit. It's so hard~. I don't know what it is talking about.
Aahhhh.... I give up.
Let's just eat outside today!!!

FMC: {I'm sure it's good story and you will return in good mood, aren't you?}

Her phone rings. She takes it and sees a missed call of douche

Black List
New calls and messages of this number will be automatically rejected
Yes No

FMC: {You really are a persistent person. I've to block this number.}


She hops up to the front door.

FMC: Who is it?

XX: It's a delivery, are you Kang Woo Hyun?

FMC: {What? What Woo Hyun did order?}
FMC: I'm coming out.

She opens the door.

FMC: Tank you ~ !

She sees Douche and in hurry tries to close the door.

Douche blocks it with his foot and enters.

FMC: How.. Did you..?

Douche: You realy.. You gave me a hard time! Now try to run away from me!


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