My Fire/Dragon Pgym

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  1. So i'm gonna list off from top to bottom on why each Pokemon is there and how to use it, here's the pokepaste:
  3. 1.Infernape:
  4. This Pokemon is meant to be used as a lead you have fake out there to get a free hit on a Pokemon and to make any focus sash useless after you get the fake out off you wanna run stealth rock so whenever a poke is switched out you get that chip damage at this point infernape is probably on 1 hp and is meant to die next turn but you can use either of the stab moves if faster if you are still quite alive as they switched i would try and switch too.
  6. 2.Kyurem-Black:
  7. The way this poke is used is to try and counter an Azumarill or Cloyster as I found out it can body the gym belly drummed with aqua jet and play rough or a shell smash icicle spear rock-blast fusion bolt acts as a deterrent to both of these as its supper effective, Ice Beam is to be used as a strong stab move and a chance too freeze the opponent Earth power is to be used as a coverage move and hurt steel type's like Excadrill, Roost is there so that while your hitting and that life orb is giving recoil damage you can heal back up and get moves moves off.
  9. 3.Mega Charizard X:
  10. This mon is to be used as a high damage dealer dragon dance is there to make you faster and more attack and if u know they have earthquake try predict and don't evo to d dance, Dragon claw is its best stab dragon move while mega, flare blitz is its best fire stab move, if your getting a little low from the flare blitz or in general roost is there to help you keep going a little longer.
  12. 4.Volcanion:
  13. Volcanion is meant to try and counter mons such as a Toxapex due to its special moves against baneful bunker, Substitute is there to put up against a Toxapex as the moveset on it is not-Effective against volcanion meaning it can't get toxic hit while in substitute, Steam eruption as it is a stab move it also has a good chance at burn and if Volcanion is frozen it can thaw out with this' Flamethrower as it is the best special fire move plus stab bonus,
  14. Earth power is to again counter a Toxapex as it is super effective but also has good coverage against mons.
  16. 5.Goodra:
  17. This is meant to be used as a special tanky fairy type killed such as the Tapu's, Dragon pulse as it is it's best stab dragon special move possible, Thunderbolt to deal with those water type and flying type Pokemon, flamethrower to deal with any Grass or steel types, Sludge Bomb to counter all fairy types that try to Counter the dragon team, with its high base hp and special defence it should be able to tank a good amount of hits,the expert belt is to help when using a super effective move against a mon it will 1.2x it's damage
  19. 6.Heatran:
  20. Another tank mon that can deal with Toxapex or fairy resister, Air balloon is to help it against super effective Ground type moves, Magma Storm - Even tho low in accuracy one of the best stab moves to run due to it making a poke stay in battle for 4 to 5 turns and causing a 1/8 health damage to opponent each turn while magma stormed, Earth power is to try and deal with a Toxapex being out protect is there to try and feel out your opponent and see what they have, stealth rock is there in case of them having a defog Pokemon that got rid of the rocks from the infernape.
  22. Thanks for reading my Submission please give positive feedback and good criticism.
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