Oct 5th, 2016
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  2. Richwatch(location:Hills, Race:Halflings, Culture:Militarists).
  3. --
  4. Ongoing effects at Richwatch
  5. **
  6. Negative happiness effects:
  7. [-] Over-populated
  8. [-] Darkblades Guild does not represent halflings enough
  9. Positive happiness effects:
  10. Different effects:
  11. [Militarists culture] The militant nature of this region makes them more likely to rebel.
  12. [Militarists culture] The citizens of this region are more likely to volunteer into aggresive battles against other guilds.
  13. Laws:
  14. > [Taxation - None] The residents of this region do not have to pay anything for the ruling guild
  15. > [Conscription - Volunteers] Residents of this region can decide if they want to join the guild or not when called upon.
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