Requesting purchase advice on /hpg/ 3.0

Jun 26th, 2016
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  1. Template:
  3. >Budget
  4. >Location
  5. >Source
  6. >Type of headphone
  7. >Open or closed
  8. >Comfort level
  9. >Sound signature
  10. >Past headphones
  13. Budget - We need to know how much you want to spend. If you can, please also indicate whether your budget is a hard limit, or whether it is flexible.
  15. Location - Knowing which country you're (shopping) in is helpful. If your country has a local price comparison site, providing an address to such a site is helpful, and also what your budget is in your local currency - this is because headphone prices can vary a great deal across the world: What is cheap in the US can be expensive in the UK, or something can be cheap in Japan and prohibitively expensive elsewhere.
  17. Source - What are you plugging these into?
  19. Type of headphone - Do you want IEMs or full-sized?
  21. Open or closed (Skip if you want IEMs) - A headphone can be open or closed. An open headphone usually have a mesh at the back of the earcups, which allows the sound from the headphones to travel outside, but also allows external noise to enter. Closed back headphones do not have openings and offer isolation.
  23. Comfort level - How comfortable do you want the headphones to be? Would you be willing to accept less comfortable headphones if it meant better sound quality?
  25. Sound signature (Skip if you don't care) - bassy (boosted bass), warm (recessed treble), neutral (even bass and treble), bright (boosted treble), v-shaped (boosted bass and treble), mid-centric (recessed bass and treble).
  27. Past headphones (Skip if you're lazy) - What have you used in the past? What did you like about them and what didn't you like about them?
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