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  1. Big Willie-extended tracks and bigger space than Little Willie
  2. Tritton Chaser “Whippet”- Prototype Version of the Whippet tank and looked a bit different from the Whippet Mark A that was produced.
  3. Mark V**-Faster engine than Mark V*, new machine gun position in back of tank, and widen improved tracks from Mark V*
  4. Mark VII- A longer Mark I tank with parts from the Mark II tank. The hull was also improved for increased damage. 74 were built and 3 actually saw combat before the war ended.
  5. Gun Carrier Mark I- The worlds first self propelled gun with 48 made and saw service from 1917. There were plans for a Gun Carrier Mark II if you also want to add that.
  6. Mark I, II, III, and IV if you want to add the early versions of the Mark tanks
  7. Lanchester Armored Car- Similar to the Rolls Royce Armored Car but had an increased sloped armor, faster engine, and an extra gun slot. These cars were perfect for hard terrain and saw service throughout Europe
  8. Peerless Armored Car- British took American Peerless trucks and modified them with guns. Some variants had just 2 machine guns, while others had a 3 inch gun or a 3 pounder AA Gun like the Pom-Pom.
  9. Delaunay-Belleville Armored Car- Based on the Rolls Royce design but at a better engine and increased overhead protection from planes. The armored cars saw service with the Royal Navy Air Service and were used primarily for anti air roles.
  10. Pierce Arrow Armored Lorry- Meant as anti air vehicles and had several variants from the Pom Pom guns to anti air artillery guns.
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