NERV Hawaii: Kaimana's Intro

Jan 2nd, 2017
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  1. <Darkling> Birds chirped outside your window as the sun was slowly rising into the sky. It was already warm and your bandages itched already, god forbid what they would feel like in an hour after you started sweating. Regardless, you might get to actually go out today since you were bed ridden.
  2. <Darkling> You could already hear playful shrieks and the patter of feet as the younger kids ran through the hallways chasing each other, likely kicking a ball around and about to be scolded by Mother Patrice again. Some things didn't change at all, did they?
  3. <Kaimana_Opunui> Sort of like the crack in the ceiling she'd been staring at for days now. How much longer could she take it? She could FEEL her muscles wasting away, her skills with a surfboard dulling. "Is this what cabin fever is like," she asked the ceiling.
  4. <Darkling> The ceiling of course gave no reply. IT was a jerk like that. Always silent and offering no help.
  5. <Kaimana_Opunui> With a huff she forcer herself to sit up and throw aside the single light sheet she kept on the bed. It was too hot for anything else most days. As had become a morning tradition the first thing she did was inspect her bandage.
  6. <Darkling> No blood had seeped into it this morning, that was a good sign that things were healing nicely. From outside her room and down the hall she could hear Mother Patrice yelling. It was muffled and the words undistinguishable, but you knew why.
  7. <Kaimana_Opunui> Like clockwork. With a grunt Kai fell back onto her bed and pulled the sheet up over her face, intent on going back to sleep. She never did, never could, but she still tried.
  8. <Darkling> And like clockwork there was a knock at her door. Mother Anna would be coming to check on her. The youngest and kindest of the Mothers at the house. "Are you awake?" Her voice called.
  9. <Kaimana_Opunui> "Yes, Mother Anna, I'm awake." So many morning rituals had formed since she'd been bound to bed by the shark bite, it made her itch. She wasn't used to such regular, predictable behavior.
  10. <Darkling> "We'd like you to join us for breakfast this morning in the main hall please, instead of staying cooped up in your room."
  11. <Kaimana_Opunui> "Yes ma'am. I'll be right down." Even as she said it she was sitting up, looking around for fresh clothes...or something close. Some wrinkles weren't a big deal after all.
  12. <Darkling> You'd find some easily enough. At least one of the perks being here was the housekeeping.
  13. <Kaimana_Opunui> She threw on her clothes and ran a brush through her hair before taking up a crutch and making her way to the main hall.
  14. <Darkling> All the other children were waiting in the main hall, sitting at the long tables. IT was odd to see them all here at once like this, and quiet too. Maybe it was those men in black suits and sunglasses that made them quite. Food was being served out, hot oatmeal, some fruit, juice and milk. There was still a few open seats for her to pick from.
  15. <Kaimana_Opunui> The guys in suits were new. She eyed them suspiciously as she found herself a seat, more than happy to stuff her face this morning.
  16. <Darkling> They just appeared to be standing and watching the kids like statues. Food was placed down in from of her quickly by Mother Anna, and she could see Mother Patrice talking to another person dressed all in black, this one a woman.
  17. <Kaimana_Opunui> "What’s with them," she asked the closest kids old enough to hold a conversation with, pointing toward the suits with her chin.
  18. <Erika_Jackson> The woman was short, for an adult. But even under those clothes it wasn't hard to tell she was athletic, and the bun she wore her hair in was tight and close, military style. She nodded at some question from the nun. "It's standard procedure. It’s best to start with the children in cases like this, you understand."
  19. <Darkling> "Yes, yes, of course. I only want the best for all my kids." They seem to have come to some sort of agreement and Mother Patrice steps away from her and starts clapping to get everyone's attention.
  20. <Darkling> "Listen up children!" Her voice could carry, even for such an old lady. "These people here are from the CDC. There's apparently been an outbreak of, um," She hesitates a bit. "Chagas disease. They are here to test and vaccinate everyone."
  21. <Kaimana_Opunui> She was pretty sure she'd heard of that and had friends of friends contract it but she had no idea what it really was.
  22. <Darkling> "They'll be coming around, taking a small sample of blood, and giving everyone a shot. Please just stay seated and this will be over quickly. Everyone can even have a cookie after if they are good!"
  23. <Darkling> That seemed to cheer up and excite the kids more than it really should.
  24. <Kaimana_Opunui> Kaimana starts shoveling the rest of her oatmeal into her mouth while its still warm.
  25. <Darkling> Some nurses enter the room and start moving child to child, 6 of them working quite efficiently, all under the watchful eye of the men in black suits and that woman as well.
  26. <Erika_Jackson> As the nurses began making their rounds, Jackson stood off to the side, watching over everything. She stood in a relaxed posture, hands behind her back.
  27. <Kaimana_Opunui> Well this certainly explained why they wanted her out of the bedroom today. It was easier than tracking everyone down. She watched the process curiously as she waited for her turn, wondering how many more needles she'd have to see this year.
  28. <Darkling> A nurse stopped by Kai and smiled down at her, swabbing her shoulder with some cotton before the prick, and then a second one after. All without a word. These nurses had as much emotion and personality as her ceiling.
  29. <Kaimana_Opunui> She rubber her arm lightly but there was no pain. Sort of like the shark bite. Huh.
  30. <Darkling> After a short time all the kids were done eating, and all the shots had been given out. The nurses were gone, but the men and woman in black remained. It was worth noting none of the kids had gotten up or start to play, they were all quite quiet and docile.
  31. <Kaimana_Opunui> Talk about a weird vibe. The place was always lively with all the kids around. Talk about an oppressive aura.
  32. <Darkling> Time passed, some of the kids started to stir, but kept quiet for the most part. After maybe 10 minutes a nurse came out and spoke with the woman in black who then moved to Mother Patrice. After a hushed discussion Mother Patrice addressed the room again.
  33. <Darkling> "Alright children, you are free to go and play as normal, don't forget to wash up and brush your teeth after your cookies."
  34. <Darkling> Instantly the room was alive again, kids screaming and giggling and running for the cookies before leaving the room. After the blur that was a throng of children was gone, you were basically alone in the room, except for a shadow looking over you.
  35. <Erika_Jackson> There was that woman again, standing there behind you, flanked by two of the men. At least she was smiling.
  36. <Kaimana_Opunui> Creepy. Was she a foreigner from off-island? She looked over her shoulder at the woman and the men flanking her, growing nervous. "Uh..."
  37. <Erika_Jackson> "Kaimana, Right? My name is Erika Jackson and I have some amazing news for you."
  38. <Kaimana_Opunui> "I uh...already let Jesus into my heart y'know..."
  39. <Erika_Jackson> "Actually, the news isn't quite that good. No, your test results showed that you are immune. Your blood could hold a secret that could save hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of people."
  40. <Kaimana_Opunui> "Wh- from something you already have a vaccine for?"
  41. <Erika_Jackson> "Vaccines are only preventative, they don't help people who are already sick."
  42. <Kaimana_Opunui> "So, what," she turns in her seat to look at Erika a little more directly, "You just need to take more blood?"
  43. <Erika_Jackson> "Actually, with your permission, we'd like to bring you to our labs. The key to saving thousands of lives is in your genetic makeup, we just need to find out where. Of course, we're willing to compensate you for your time."
  44. <Kaimana_Opunui> She looked over toward the Mothers, clearly uncomfortable with the whole idea.
  45. <Darkling> Mother Patrice was standing by, looking concerned. "It is up to you dear, we won't force you. But it might be a chance for you to get out of here for a while? Maybe clear your head."
  46. <Kaimana_Opunui> Going off to bum it at the beach for a while was one thing, this felt far more sinister to her. "I don't know..."
  47. <Erika_Jackson> Jackson stooped down, to be at eye level. "How do you like it here? You like the other kids?"
  48. <Kaimana_Opunui> "I don't...hate it."
  49. <Erika_Jackson> "You know, it wouldn't be all testing. There'd be plenty of time to hit the beach, relax. And it's all for a good cause, really."
  50. <Kaimana_Opunui> "Now you really sound suspicious." She sighed through, shoulders sagging. "I reserve the right to leave if I become unhappy."
  51. <Erika_Jackson> "Of course." She nodded, hand out to shake.
  52. <Kaimana_Opunui> With only a moment's reluctance she reached out and shook Erika's hand.
  53. <Darkling> ~~~~~~~~~~~
  54. <Darkling> It had been two weeks, and thus far you've learned a few things. First, the people who came to the orphanage weren't from the CDC, they were from NERV. Secondly, they lied about the vaccine, about Chagas disease, the whole thing.
  55. <Darkling> But they did not lie about doing tests on you, or letting you go to the beach more often, and by now your leg had basically healed enough you could go without any help.
  56. <Darkling> This came about a few ways. They were up front about not being from the CDC almost right away, letting you know that was just a front because they sometimes get a very bad rap. They did give all the children at the orphanage booster shots, just not a made up vaccine, so that was something nice.
  57. <Darkling> Secondly, there were others like you, three to be exact. Teens of varying age and ethnicity that were brought to stay at a house over top of the lab they ran the tests on you in.
  58. <Darkling> You had learned they were told similar stories or bribed to come along. Rhys was the closest you could maybe relate to. His parents died in the Second Impact, and he had bounced around a few foster families. He was told for his co-operation he'd get a full scholarship to any school her wanted in the world.
  59. <Darkling> Next was Tilde. She was somewhat of a star athlete back home, was told she would be enrolled in a special school here for gifted people and given a straight shot to the top of her career choice of marine biology. What better place to study than Hawaii?
  60. <Darkling> Last was Abioye, he went by AB for short since most people seemed to mangle his name. He was from Nigeria, lived in the slums and scrounged off the streets. He wasn't even really promised anything, just a better life and he came along.
  61. <Kaimana_Opunui> Rhys had proven to be a passable teacher when it came to skateboarding, a lesser form of surfing in the Hawaiian's eyes that she could practice when the beach wasn't an option. Tilde had proven to be a kindred spirit when it came to athletics though Kai tended to feel inferior when it came to looks and brains.
  62. <Kaimana_Opunui> Abioye had proven to just be a great person to chill with on lazy days.
  63. <Darkling> Either way, you all had a bond with the fact you were subjected to the same weird and outlandish tests.
  64. <Darkling> From being pricked with dozens of needles, having blood drawn, running for extended periods of time, being submersed in water, put in a sensory deprivation room.
  65. <Darkling> Whatever they were doing to you, they had better hold up their end of the bargain.
  66. <Darkling> Today they were trying to get you to move a ball up and down a tube just using your thoughts.
  67. <Darkling> You were sitting in the lab, a massive assortment of gear attached to your head that was connected to a computer and this tube with a ball in it.
  68. <Kaimana_Opunui> "Y'know, I had my doubts about some of these tests before but really? Do they think one of us is psychic?"
  69. <Darkling> Sure enough though, Tilde had got that ball to at least shake, or thought she did. Maybe someone or something had shaken the table.
  70. <Kaimana_Opunui> Kaimana sighs and rests her chin in her hand, staring at her particular ball and tube. C'mon then. Move or something.
  71. <Darkling> A few doctors were watching, taking notes. One of them shook his head at Kai.
  72. <Kaimana_Opunui> "Wha-, do you think you could make it move, man?" She looks at him critically while motioning to her tube.
  73. <Darkling> He raises an eyebrow but doesn't respond.
  74. <Darkling> Tilde nudges her. "Don't get mad. Just do their test and they'll be happy regardless."
  75. <Kaimana_Opunui> Kaimana grunts and looks back to the device, giving one good mental push fueled by growing frustration.
  76. <Darkling> Did, did it just shake? No. No it didn't Still nothing.
  77. <Erika_Jackson> Nearby was the woman they had come to know as Brigadier General Jackson. She'd never said an unkind thing to them, but she always had been reserved as though there was killing intent behind it. She watched Kai with interest, not saying anything.
  78. <Kaimana_Opunui> She sighs again and lets her head rest against the table. Endlessly running on the treadmill was better than this. All she'd gotten so far was a headache.
  79. <Erika_Jackson> She clapped her hands together, a shockingly loud noise in the quiet lab environment. "Alright kids that's enough for today."
  80. <Darkling> The doctors made their way out of the room, talking quietly amongst themselves.
  81. <Kaimana_Opunui> "Anyone get there’s to do more than shake?"
  82. <Darkling> Tilde shakes her head. AB looks like he might have been napping, and Rhys almost looks constipated with how hard he is still trying to move that damned ball.
  83. <Kaimana_Opunui> "Dude, Rhys, better chill before you pop something brah."
  84. <Darkling> "NNghaaa!" He yells and slams a fist into the table. "Is this thing even plugged in?" He says exacerbated.
  85. <Erika_Jackson> "She's got a point." The woman lays a hand on Rhys' shoulder. "I'll take you all home to relax."
  86. <Kaimana_Opunui> Kaimana pulls off her equipment and, after giving everyone the shaka, leaves for the house above them. At least they didn't have to suffer some long commute.
  87. The other kids got up and followed upstairs. AB being the last, waking up from his nap.
  88. <Kaimana_Opunui> Kaimana was already in her room changing. With testing done there was only one place she'd want to be. She threw some supplies into a small bag after changing and was eager to go. The beach was calling her.
  89. <Darkling> "You mind if I tag along? Tilde asked as she saw her.
  90. <Kaimana_Opunui> "Yeah sure, no prob. Anyone else?"
  91. <Darkling> Doesn't look like it the guys want to attend.
  92. <Kaimana_Opunui> Their loss. Kaimana pulled at her body glove top (complimenting a pair of bikini bottoms) as she slipped on her flip flops and was out the door.
  93. <Darkling> Tilde followed, bag in hand, and headed for the path that lead down to the private beach. It wasn't as spacious as any of the public beaches, but they weren't allowed to go to those without special permission.
  94. <Kaimana_Opunui> A restrictions she could live with for now. She wasn't in her top form yet, still recovering from the shark bite. She dropped her bag in the sand and ran over to grab her board. "Didja miss me?"
  95. <Darkling> Tilde throws a towel out on the white sand, pulling her top and shorts off and stripping down to a bikini, laying down in the warmth. She doesn't respond, knowing by know you were talking to the board.
  96. <Kaimana_Opunui> She came back carrying it over her head. "Just chillin' here then?"
  97. <Darkling> "This tan isn't going to keep itself. I'll have a dip when I get too hot. Enjoy."
  98. <Kaimana_Opunui> Damn right she would. She was already running out for the water.
  99. <Kaimana_Opunui> She started to paddle out on her board but stopped about halfway out. She sat up on her board, pulling her left leg out of the water, and sat to admire the horizon. It was always beautiful. One of so many reasons she loved the water. She felt in her element when surfing. Everything made sense.
  100. <Darkling> ~~~~~~~~~~~
  101. <Darkling> The next morning, everyone was gathered into the living room where General Jackson was waiting.
  102. <Kaimana_Opunui> Kai yawned and stretched as she waited.
  103. <Darkling> Rhys and Tilde were already waiting, Abioye was slower than Kai, trudging into the room and dragging his feet.
  104. <Erika_Jackson> Once everyone was settled, Jackson nodded. "I have an important announcement." She looked at Kai. "You're getting transferred to another home." She looked at the others. "The rest of you are to remain here for further testing."
  105. <Kaimana_Opunui> "Phasing me out or what?"
  106. <Erika_Jackson> "Nothing like that. We just had an opening in another facility."
  107. <Erika_Jackson> "And we'll need the space here."
  108. <Kaimana_Opunui> "Guess I'll need to pack."
  109. <Darkling> Tilde looked at Kaimana, a little concern showing. Rhys and Abioye seemed unaffected.
  110. <Erika_Jackson> "Hop to it. We'll be heading out soon. You have some time to say goodbye, though."
  111. <Kaimana_Opunui> "Right, okay." She got up and went to the room she'd been using as her own, intent on packing her things.
  112. <Darkling> Not much to pack at least, you never really had many things of your own.
  113. <Kaimana_Opunui> Made it easier to pack up and bum it back when she could do that. It was a lot harder to do now.
  114. <Darkling> There was a knock at the door, Tilde was looking in.
  115. <Kaimana_Opunui> "Hey, what’s up?"
  116. <Darkling> "You okay with this?" She just watched from the door. "I mean, you didn't even ask why you were being moved."
  117. <Kaimana_Opunui> "Well I mean, would they really tell me? Back when Jackson recruited me it was about a vaccine." She shrugged it off.
  118. <Darkling> "I guess." She didn't seem convinced but didn't press. "You think we'll see each other again?"
  119. <Kaimana_Opunui> "Maui is only so big, Tilde. Gonna miss me that much?"
  120. <Darkling> She smirks. "You've met the other roommates here. They're no competition for you."
  121. <Kaimana_Opunui> "Too late for flattery," she said with a smirk, hugging the girl.
  122. <Darkling> She gave a hug back. "Well, I hope to see you again, wherever all this leads." Then she was gone to leave you to pack.
  123. <Kaimana_Opunui> After packing she made sure to catch up with Rhys and Abioye. Maybe she didn't make that big of an impression on them but she felt like they were friends and they'd helped keep her from going crazy.
  124. <Darkling> They were still in the living room, playing some game together.
  125. <Kaimana_Opunui> "Howzit," she asks as she sits down to watch them play.
  126. <Darkling> A grunt from each. Typical.
  127. <Kaimana_Opunui> "I'll see ya both around, arright?"
  128. <Darkling> "Yeah, have fun." Rhys said. Abioye at least gave you a look and a nod before going back to the game.
  129. <Kaimana_Opunui> With that she was ready to go when Jackson was.
  130. <Erika_Jackson> Jackson motioned her to follow and led her to a waiting limo out front. She opened the back door to allow her in first, and then followed after her.
  131. <Darkling> This looked like the same limo you were driven to this house in, spacious, dark, bullet proof possibly?
  132. <Kaimana_Opunui> "What’s with the ride," she asked as she ducked her head and climbed in.
  133. <Erika_Jackson> "It get us from A to B."
  134. <Kaimana_Opunui> "I mean why a limo?"
  135. <Erika_Jackson> "Why not?" The woman shrugged. "It's better than a Humvee, in my experience."
  136. <Kaimana_Opunui> "If you say so."
  137. <Darkling> The limo started up and began to drive, though it was hardly noticeable inside.
  138. <Kaimana_Opunui> "So what’s really going on?"
  139. <Erika_Jackson> "You're being grouped with another set of children more like you." She grinned and gestured to the spot next to her. "Like Astrid here."
  140. <Kaimana_Opunui> "Who?" She turns her head to look.
  141. <Darkling> Sure enough you can see the outline of a girl, pale as the moon with hair as white as snow, staring off into the corner of the limo.
  142. <Kaimana_Opunui> "Uh...er, aloha."
  143. <Darkling> Her head turns to look at you with pinkish eyes. "Hello friend." She smiled. "You're my friend, right?"
  144. <Kaimana_Opunui> "Uh...yeah. Yeah, of course." She gives Astrid the shaka.
  145. <Darkling> She smiles. "More friends, I like this."
  146. <Kaimana_Opunui> "I'm glad someone knows what’s going on anyway."
  147. <Darkling> ================================
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