Moona's revenge

May 17th, 2021
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  1. The Usada Pekora that had been retrieved from prison was broken. Where once stood the ever-laughing and surprisingly caring war criminal, only a meek girl remained. With the loss of the president, the company's mood and future prospects had taken a dark turn. You had been with UsaKen since the very start of the company, and had raised to the position of Moona's second in commmand, and thus you went to meet with her to discuss the situation. You suspected many things, yet the vice-president's displays being all filled with videos of the company's glory days made for a terrible omen.
  3. Her seat turned around: “Anon.” Her voice was abnormally cold.
  5. “Moona-shachou.” Perhaps you should have worded it differently. What had once been an in-company joke had become grim reality. Rage simmered in Moona's eyes.
  7. “This world broke Pekora. I wish to break it in turn.” Perhaps a moral person would have compunctions at the implications of her words, but you were a Nousagi, and complicit in UsaKen's darker activities. And indeed, avenging the one person that had made your life exciting and fun was a worthy cause. There was nothing else left after all. Thus, you swore to give everything for her cause.
  9. ...
  11. It took a few years, but the complete domination of the world was finally in sight for UsaKen. More than half of the world now flew the company's banner after all. This had not come without a price, though. Whoever had taken a stand against Moona's rampage had been crushed, friend or not. You yourself had lost every social connection, having given every last waking hour of yours to further Moona's goals or the occasional drunken bout mourning the old times. At some point, however, vengeance had stopped being what fueled you, as affection for your boss had grown as you struggled along her day and night. You had never gotten the chance to discuss it with Moona, though, as she flawlessly sidestepped the topic whenever it approached, an evil grin gracing her lips. She had grown to enjoy the pain of others, after all, it was proof that her revenge was succeeding.
  13. You were surprised to be called to her office, Moona had avoided being alone with you in private spaces for a long time. She had her back turned to you, and your eyes drank her figure as she turned. Her body had been partially reconstructed to be impact resistant, as she enjoyed viewing the destruction she caused with her own eyes and security was a must, at least for herself. Her enhanced curves were supposedly a side effect. She had two wine glasses in her hands, and offered you one.
  15. She grinned, her eyes glowing with cold light: “Project Omega is now complete.” She then drank from her glass, and you followed in turn.
  17. Project Omega had been the final piece you needed. An unholy combination of magic, biological alteration, and chemical enhancement, made to produce creatures that would be nearly undestructible. You had little time to remember the specifics, however, as you felt something wrong with your body and fell backwards, into the office's floor. Moona approached, seating on a chair near you. “Now then, turns out you have the highest compatibility with the process. This will make you the strongest soldier of my cause, with usefulness far beyond the service you currently provide me. Of course, it will irreversibly damage your brain and cause your death in ten years. But you promised, didn't you? Everything for the cause.”
  19. You looked at her, stunned. You had said those words, but that hadn't quite been the spirit of them. Your boss continued, not minding the terror in your eyes: “Naturally, you will be compensated for your labor, this is UsaKen after all, and there is a definitive line between employees and-” her laughter resounding in your ears: “-human resources. Your pay for a lifetime's work will be calculated, and along with your current assets taken care of and delivered to your heir upon reaching adulthood. You only need to sign your life away, the contract is on my desk.” Wait, heir?
  21. Moona seemed to understand your conclusion, and explained: “That's what these drinks are for, Anon.” What followed, in a different context, would have been something you dreamed of. Not entirely for your own happiness, but for Moona to have something left once her revenge was over. Yet there was no passion to the act, her eyes' merciless glare and her evil smile directed at you. With this, she had you bound, and her affectionate touches, even if acted, drained any remainder of your will. All alternatives forming in your mind were discarded. As soon as your body returned to functioning, you signed the contract.
  23. ...
  25. For the mistress you fight, you destroy, you rampage. You endure the pain. You survive. She still has an use for you.
  27. ...
  29. Ten years pass. You will soon sleep for one final time. The goddess of the world looks at you, sitting on her throne. Her lips smile. You wonder what is in her mind as your own begins to shut down.
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