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  1. ### October 12, 2017
  2. ### Amanda Finuccio
  3. ### Data Visualization
  4. ### Comparing Practice and Completed
  6. ## ANALYSIS
  8. Number 1: Practice only links one stylesheet whereas Completed links two. This allows the Completed website to
  9. I believe this is allowing for the rollover states and the customized arrow dropdown and jump backs.
  11. Number 2: Completed links to Google fonts whereas Practice does not
  12. This allows for typeface customization, moving from san serif to serif for the body copy and a new serif for the title
  14. Number 3: Completed has a Jump Hover state where as Practice does not.
  15. This allows you to have a rollover state when you rollover the arrow inside the circle whereas with Practice the Is with accents don't show any sign of being called upon when rolled over.
  17. Number 4: Practice makes use of "divs" whereas Completed makes use of "articles".
  18. I'm not sure what the difference here affords each website.
  20. Number 5: Completed has a webfont loaded at the bottle of the style sheet whereas Practice does not.
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