Promoting masculinism in IRC

Mar 22nd, 2019
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  1. -Q- [#england] � � Welcome to #England � � No advertising/spam/racism/pm'ing/asl'ing please � �
  2. <Xsploit> my best mate in my younger days
  3. <Xsploit> we would go to the pub
  4. <Xsploit> id go watch celtic with him and he would watch united with me
  5. <Xsploit> whilst drinking copious amounts of beer
  6. <Rumo> no water?
  7. <Xsploit> no
  8. <Xsploit> we arent gay
  9. <Xsploit> who goes to a pub to watch the football and drinks water
  10. <Rumo> gay people
  11. <Xsploit> yea
  12. <Xsploit> and people from portugal
  13. <Xsploit> but same difference really :p
  14. <Rumo> yeah...portuguese only drink water
  15. <Xsploit> nah
  16. <Xsploit> they drink wine and coke
  17. <Xsploit> i have been there
  18. <Xsploit> i know :p
  19. <Rumo> hehehe
  20. <Rumo> and coffee
  21. <Xsploit> i dont drink wine and coke anymore
  22. <Xsploit> coke is too expensive these days
  23. <Rumo> 1,2 euros a 1,5 liter bottle
  24. <Xsploit> back in the good old days we would get 1 5litre box of white and 1 5 litre box of reed
  25. <cubesworks> you're not suppose to drink coke fool! You snort it
  26. <Xsploit> and 3 litres of coke
  27. <Xsploit> and that would be good enough for the 6 of us
  28. <Rumo> and organge juice..are u ok with that?
  29. <Rumo> orange7
  30. <Xsploit> well yea
  31. <Xsploit> with vodka
  32. <Xsploit> i have an orange and lime box next to me
  33. <Xsploit> tropicana dunno if that brand is know anywhere else
  34. <Xsploit> but it sounds foreign
  35. <Rumo> dont know that brand
  36. <Rumo> and about girls...
  37. <Xsploit> i dont know much about girls
  38. <Xsploit> other than they are weird
  39. <Xsploit> and dont like me
  40. <Rumo> come on man
  41. <Rumo> girls are the reason of our existence
  42. <Xsploit> yea
  43. <Xsploit> but they all hate me
  44. <Xsploit> its been ten years dude
  45. <Rumo> since what?
  46. <Xsploit> since a lady has allowed me passage into her lady garden :p
  47. <Rumo> really?
  48. <Xsploit> yea pretty much
  49. <Xsploit> dont know the exact timeline
  50. <Xsploit> but yea something like that
  51. <Rumo> any girls here on the channel?
  52. <Xsploit> nah brah i have done that
  53. <Xsploit> i dated an american chick online
  54. <Xsploit> for like a year
  55. <Rumo> never saw her garden?
  56. <Xsploit> its cool i got to see her naked
  57. <Xsploit> sure i did
  58. <Xsploit> but she was in america i was in england
  59. <Xsploit> never got to put my penis in it :p
  60. <Rumo> :D
  61. <Xsploit> and there was this other one
  62. <Xsploit> she was jewish
  63. <Xsploit> and american
  64. <Fleischy> i'd go to a pub and drink water
  65. <Xsploit> never got to put my penis in that either
  66. <Rumo> whats the point of havind a dick if u cant put him in it
  67. <Fleischy> women are stupid anyway
  68. <Xsploit> yea
  69. <Xsploit> women are crap
  70. <Rumo> nah
  71. <Xsploit> haave you ever seen them try to play football?
  72. <Xsploit> pathetic
  73. <Rumo> women are adorable
  74. <Xsploit> and they are all lesbians
  75. <Xsploit> ok i think we have found the asshat that actually has a gf
  76. <Fleischy> idk about football but ive never seen them come up with anything smart or funny
  77. <Fleischy> they just want to ride on the neck of successful men because they got nothing going for them
  78. <Xsploit> well some of them can be quite smart
  79. <Xsploit> but funny?
  80. <Xsploit> no
  81. <Xsploit> men are funny
  82. <Fleischy> but men are stupid for falling for their dirty tricks
  83. <Xsploit> women are smart
  84. <Rumo> u both crazy man
  85. <Xsploit> oh yes
  86. <Fleischy> i havent met any smart women
  87. <Xsploit> i have been stupid
  88. <Xsploit> quite a few times
  89. <Rumo> women are the sweetest thing
  90. <Fleischy> what are you gay or something rumo
  91. <Fleischy> white knight alert
  92. <Xsploit> stop being a fag Rumo
  93. <Rumo> ahhahahha
  94. <Fleischy> m'lady
  95. <Xsploit> may i lay my coat over this puddle
  96. <Rumo> ok ok...women are stupid
  97. <Rumo> :D
  98. <Xsploit> good
  99. <Xsploit> we will allow to rejoin the men
  100. <Fleischy> welcome back brother
  101. <Rumo> good to be back man
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