Swapping in Company Chapter 2

Apr 13th, 2018
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  1. Swapping in Company Chapter 2
  2. App.base TL not accurate
  3. Mc: [Choi Jun-ho 27 Marketing team representative]
  4. FMC: [Park Mi Young 24 Head of marketing team]
  5. Support Director Kim Han Jun 32 Human Resources Team (Mr.Kim) Song Min Hye 32 Deputy Director of Human Resources Team (Ms.Song)
  7. Chapter start {Heavy Panting Sound} Fmc riding Mr.Kim saying "HuuHaa Director so good" while Mc is on missionary position with Ms.Song she tell Mc How was it am I the best? Mc didn't heard her and say What did you say? Then they both look at the other side. Ms.Song ask Mc how was it seeing your Girlfriend being fuck by another guy? and she laugh ha ha ha first time The feelings are so weird. Mc tell her yeah for the first time I also feels weird and continue to fuck her Mc suddenly rest but Ms.Song kiss him and bit his lips [Moaning sound] 2 couple fucking in one bed. Fmc loving it so much and tell him "You re so great Director" Mr.Kim laugh saying I cant believe it came from your own mouth Park Mi Young. Ms.Song while being fuck ask Mc How is It are you okay? Mc tell her Ha your to good. Ms.Song do the movements and change her position while Mc feeling it that his about to come Mc goes "Ahhhh director I'm about to cum" Ms.Song tells Mc its okay put it all in the inside it a safe day.
  9. Mr.Kim ask Fmc if she safe for a creampie. Fmc tell him HuH Hah heavy panting Yeah director feel me in its alright and they fuck till they finish it creampie mode [Moment later] The two director put their dress and ready to left. Mr.Kim tell them We'll go back today the two of you go to rest in this room I'll see you tomorrow at the company. They bow and say Yeah! Directors! Please be carefully.
  11. [Awkward moments for the original partners] they sit on both side of the bed.
  13. TBC
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