Amazing New World - 26

Aug 16th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

Amazing New World ~ Thanks to Markues &

Characters in this chapter:

Hoseung (Mc) Chief Single
Kim Mijun (Fmc) Team Leader Single Parent
Jun Sook (Glasses) Fmc's Secretary Fiancee
Nasori (Blonde) Employee Single
Juwan (Sugar) Assistant Manager Single?
[N/A] (Bun) Employee Married

Chapter - 26

Blonde enters in an alley and pick up something from the basket, it's a wad of money.. She throws the basket to the trash and looks at all this money while smiling. Bun and Glasses are spying her from the corner of the street and are surprised by what Blonde just did.


Conference Room Fmc x Mc

Fmc loud moans are reverberating in the whole auditorium because of Mc's hard pounding. He looks at her face with her rolled eyes, hanging tongue, her flushed cheeks and tells her how he's loving her expression way more than her usual cold / hating face. He asks her if she's enjoying it this time, she tries to regain the control of her body and tells him with a trembling voice how she's hating it.

He keeps thrusting it in her dripping wet pussy making her continuously letting out loud and delightful moans, he says how she's not enjoying it and need to correct this.

Mc switched his position with her, so she's this time on top of him mounting him while he's laying down on the desk. He tells her to shake her hips now, she starts to squat up and down her bewitching ass at a slow rythm then gradually accelerate her pace..

She keeps moaning while applying more strength in her movements, Mc grabs her head and gives her a kiss silencing her. Their tongue are intertwining witch each others and they continue to share a passionate kiss together.. She lets go his mouth and shouts how good she's feeling and signals him how she's reaching cloud nine, he can't take it anymore too and they both climax at the same time.

After tidying up their clothes and cleaning the place, Fmc hands over a cellphone to him telling him how this the the mobile of Blonde and says how with this she thinks she had done enough for him and asks him to remove the video of the car accident from his laptop, mobile and to delete the original video wherever it is.

He looks at her and stay silent for a moment then he tells her how he's in a complicated situation right now because this video is something interesting but it only a sex-tape between Blonde and Sugar but it's not useful to him and tells her how it's not a sin for two people to love each other. Mc asks her what will Blonde do for him if he threaten her with this video he laugh saying it can't do anything with this.

Fmc stays calm and tells him to watch the video till the end, she says how he didn't watch enough of it and will find a way to threaten blonde and to be patient, Mc keeps looking at the video then he sees Sugar telling Blonde how he'll never be able to buy her something this expensive and says how she's in a deep shit if she get caught with this, she looks at her watch assuring him how she'll never be caught with it..

Mc stammers something and Fmc is happy looking at his expression and asks him if it's enough to threaten her..

Blonde's Workplace Blonde x Sugar x Glasses x Bun

Blonde's working on the PowerPoint on her or Mc's laptop, thinking how MC thinks too highly of himself because of his shady security on his computer and says how there's always a ways to break this sort of system lock.

Do you want to save the file?
Yes (Y) No (N) Cancel

She saves the file thinking it's done while making a wicked smile. Sugars shows up and asks her what she's doing and why she's working when it's lunchtime, she tells him how she's finding her works fun nowadays, Sugar asks her if it's due to the presentation she's doing with Mc, he tells her how he wasn't present the day when she proposed herself to doing this with MC and says how he learnt it this morning.

Glasses and Bun look at Sugar and Blonde having a happy chat together, then start to badmouth Blonde saying how it's sad for Sugar because he doesn't know that Blonde is a selfish bitch cheating on him.

Tea Making Room Glasses x Bun x Mc

They keeps talking shit about Blonde saying how can she do this and how they can't have see wrong.. MC comes by an eavesdrop their conversation, Glasses says what was inside the bouquet de fleurs was something fishy. She tells to Bun how Blonde behaves strangely since a while and says how a Mysterious Man + Wad of Cash + Luxurious Gifts = Whore, she says how the mysterious man was her sponsor.

Mc keeps walking, he interrogates himself about what bunch of nonsense they were talking about..

Corridor Blonde x Mc

Blonde calls Mc's name, he stops waiting for her to catch up, he looks at her and asks if she had done with the manuscript of the presentation, she tells him how she wanted to see him about this and hand him over an USB key saying how she finished the PowerPoint and tells him how they need to practice together the dead line for the presentation is approaching. he thanks her and says how he'll update it soon, she leaves saying how they need to stay in contact for their practice session. He looks coldly at her departing figure meanwhile Blonde is making an evil smile thinking her plan is moving in the right direction..

To be continued..
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