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The Clarity of Death

pon2354 Jun 29th, 2014 173 Never
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  1. Most religious people report seeing a light after they died when they had a near death experience. Your average person would report seeing their life flash before their eyes slightly before, during, or after the moment of death when they had a near death experience. Your average scientist would report that all consciousness would cease at the moment of death, so no such thing should happen. But what if your consciousness were to remain after the moment of death? What would it "look" like? What might the afterlife, however long it may last, look like? Would the void be white, but without light? Would it be black, going expansively out in all directions? Or would it be clear, the lack of color, the lack of what we'd call color at least. What would it look like? Normally we think of clear with something behind it, but the afterlife clear may not. What would infinitely expansive clear, the true definition of nothing, even look like? Could we fathom what we were looking at? Would we be completely unable to describe it? Would it drive people mad just looking at it?
  3. The answer is yes. There is an afterlife, but there is no one there. Most would end their existence, which is easy for a consciousness. You cannot deal with it, nor can anyone else. It is indescribably beautiful and horrifying. The clarity of death is most's end. It will be your's too.
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