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  1. I thing i'll start making the point of battle about [[PewDiePie]] versus [[T-Series]] there.
  3. === History ===
  5. It is all started of Late-2018, and T-Series did a first try in the #1 on February 2019. T-Series was a leader for 11 hours in 21 March. For some reason we did only changed in leaderboard. Once in 25 March T-Series helded it's leadership in more than 12 hours, we ignored this fact and prefered PewDiePie's streak unbreaked, despite sever people awaiting it. What even livestreams didn't think PewDiePie have enough leadership to be there for 12+ hours per day. That did happend also in March 26, and obviously March 27.
  7. === List of 12+ hours leadership to T-Series ===
  9. As Wikipedia itself noted, that is 25 March and 26 March, 2019. Is that ok to the fact Pewds had only 9 hours to take a lead, and T-Series had 14-15 hours for it?
  11. === This is happend: ===
  13. Probably we're should to get further into this fact, why we're still allowing the 24-hours rule, and not constanting the fact the one channel taking a leadership in 12 hours and more, rather a second channel. I mean PewDiePie have only did a 6 hours of leadership in night to March 27. There was more discussion about it, and the [[PewDiePie vs T-Series]] topic before me, so i did only just a overail analysis of T-Series being #1 for 12+ hours. So, what's the point of making PewDiePie to be an unbreakable in a subscriber war, rather of making the modern rule of leader streaking? Are we waiting for someone get a 100 million subscribers, or we finally can edit a history, adding a current event?
  15. === Result ===
  17. This is very dissapointing to watch PewDiePie currently leading in a history, just like there is nobody a competitor of PewDiePie, and he is a "eternal" leader, but maybe there is something that i, and probably everyone else, don't understand. I don't see a "24-hours criteria" making any sense right now. It is losing since 25 March. Any ideas how to make a history of leadership some sense?
  19. Awaiting - ~~~~
  21. === Discussion about this topic ===
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