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  1. Welcome to <color="pink">ŌkinaHitsuji-chan</color>'s Server
  2. 欢迎阁下游玩<color="pink">大咩咩</color>的服务器
  4. We don't have Discord but as an alternative you can contact us by using:
  5. 我们没有discord服务器,但作为替代你可以通过一下途径联系我们:
  6. 简体中文✓ 繁體中文✓ English✓ Français✓ 日本語✓ 한국어✓
  7. Discord(Global): 1peng咩#3714
  8. Email(Global)(!!Recommended!!) 电子邮箱(!!推荐使用!!):
  9. QQ group(China only) QQ 群 仅限中国: 812918898
  11. Server is located in China Mainland and it is modded with Smod2.
  12. 服务器的位置在中国大陆,由Smod2提供模组支持
  14. Server rules:
  15. No Hacking/严禁科技玩家
  16. No Discriminatory Language/口吐芳芳遭禁封
  17. No Massacring Class D personnel/不要乱杀D级
  18. No Harassing/不要在公堂之上讲huang段子
  19. Have Fun/祝您身体健康,再见
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