Watson's Tests PT. 2

Mar 25th, 2021
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  1. Pain.
  3. PaiN
  5. pAiN.
  7. sO mUcH pAIN.
  9. Your vision was red. You felt your eyes pulsating out of their sockets. They darted around the room. No one. Blood everywhere. You looked down and you could see the veins bulging out of your arms. Your limbs were intensely shaking. Your breathing was erratic. You ground your teeth together so hard it felt they were going to crack. Your lungs felt like they were on fire. Every breath you took burned your esophagus. You wanted it to stop. Anything to make it stop. It. Hurt. SO. MUCH.
  11. “Ugh, this is starting to get soooo boring…”
  13. That voice.
  15. Your eyes darted immediately to your right and she was sitting on an empty table. Amelia Watson. She was fumbling with a watch in her hand. In the other was another one of her syringes. This time it was one of the red ones. Nononononononono. Please. Not again. You pleaded in your mind because you knew you could not speak. Over the hundreds of injections and beatings you learned this lesson. It would only lead to more pain. You just wanted no more pain.
  17. She hopped off the desk and walked over to you. You couldn’t see her face. Her head was tilted down to the floor. Her hands were shaking. From your vantage point you could see a snarl form on her face. Snap. The syringe in her hand shattered under her pressure. The red liquid spilled all over her hands. It reminded you of your blood from the previous beating. Watson dropped the glass shards and needle on the ground and, with an ear-piercing screech, threw her watch across the room. It harmlessly bounced off the brick wall and landed on the floor undamaged.
  19. “WHY. WON'T. IT. WORK?!?!”
  21. Your blonde haired torturer screamed this as she raised her leg. Your vision flipped as she kicked you square in the chest and both you and the chair went backwards. You coughed up some trickles of blood. More. PAIN. Watson quickly stormed over and began furiously kicking you. Over. And over. And over again you felt the impact of her boots. You mentally screeched with each kick that slammed against your body.
  25. She leaned down and punched you in the face.
  29. She took the discarded needle off the ground and stabbed your arm. You felt the needle imbed itself deeply in your flesh. MORE. PAIN.
  31. “WHY.... Why… Why wont you accept me….?”
  33. Her voice turned soft. Accept her? What the hell does she mean? You searched your mind for an answer. But there was no result. Only more pain. That's all there was.
  35. “I did this all… for us…”
  37. As she said this she reached down and wrapped her small hands around your neck. She began applying pressure as her tear filled eyes filled your vision.
  39. “But why....? Why don’t you accept it?! TELL ME. WHY!?”
  41. You felt your brain shutting down. Too much stimulation. Too much information at once. Too much pain. Lack of oxygen. It was overwhelming. You almost felt at peace as she continued to squeeze your throat. Maybe you’ll die for real this time. The cycle could finally stop. As you let out wheeze, however, it seemed to pull her out of rage induced frenzy. She immediately let go and backed away. Watson looked at you with a horrified expression. She grit her teeth as she ran over and grabbed her thrown watch. No… No… Please…
  43. She pressed the button and again time was reverted. You were again in the chair. Upright. Everything was returned to as it was. But the memories remained. The pain remained. Despite your body being physically returned to its original state, the pain would begin again the instant you regained consciousness.
  45. “Don't worry… soon I’ll have something… and everything will be alright. So just keep holding out for me... alright?’
  47. Watson said the last part so softly you barely even heard it. You could only cower as she reached for another one of her syringes, the familiar azure blue, and the experiment began anew.
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