Removing Assad Is Treason Against The American People

ANonAction Sep 10th, 2018 602 Never
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  1. Removing Assad Is Treason Against The American People
  3. This situation in Syria is having the effect of people coming to the realization on their own, as well as with the help some mainstream media sources, that this is a desperately blatant & transparent false flag, that these things happen, and they may happen a little more often than they think.
  5. And this attack in Syria is so obvious as to be downright insulting to our intelligence.
  7. On top of that, the seriousness of Trumps tweets, should they come to fruition, are forcing everyone paying attention to ask themselves if this is really what they want?
  9. Almost makes me wonder if he picked the week he did to make a big deal about getting out of Syria. If one were going to expose the forces keeping UA in Syria, what better way than by forcing them to radically over extend themselves and show their hand on the anniversary of their last false flag, amplifying the level of distrust immediately invoked by such an attack.
  11. This is also separating the deep state mouth pieces from the actual MAGAs.
  13. People like Sabastian Gorka and Mark Levin are full blown war hawks, spouting the same war hawk talking points.
  15. But this is only the case if nothing happens. Till then, we must make it well known that war in Syria is tantamount to treason against the American people.
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